How do I use the Web Room Booking System?

When will my booking be placed and confirmed?

  • Maximum of 24 hours for requests received via email unless marked as Urgent
  • One hour for online requests (Web Room Bookings System)
  • 72 hours for technical space

Can I book multiple dates, multiple weeks and/or multiple rooms?

Yes, using the Web Room Bookings System, you can book up to five rooms in one booking request. This must be for the same time and date, but can be at different locations.

Why do I have to leave my room before my hour is finished?

Use of the venue must be finalised 10 minutes prior to the end of the booking duration. This allows time for the next client to set up for their booking. This is standard room booking practice.

How do I cancel my room booking?

  • Log into the Web Room Booking System
  • Go to 'My Bookings' (at the bottom of the screen)
  • Select 'Cancel' for the relevant booking.

If the booking was made by email, please contact with details.

How do I change my room booking?

Email with details.

Please note. Online bookings cannot be updated via 'My Bookings' in the Web Room Bookings System.

Can anyone change my room booking?

Not without written consent from you. Room booking staff may contact you to negotiate changes, which will only be made with your approval. These may occur due to unavoidable circumstances.

Why is a booked room sometimes not utilised?

The most likely explanation is that whoever made the booking did not need the room but forgot to cancel it.

Can a double booking occur and what should be done if this happens?

It is not possible to 'double book' a room in the room bookings database, the system does not allow two bookings to share a room.

Will I be charged for booking a room?

Generally no room charge is applicable if the booking purpose is for Griffith University related business. Other bookings may incur a charge to cover audiovisual equipment and support cleaning and room hire. You will be contacted if this occurs. Charges will be incurred by any external group wanting to hire Griffith facilities.

Which rooms can be used for ad hoc bookings and for what purposes?

Venues are divided into common use, department specific and technical space. Common use venues include meeting space and teaching venues. They are available for everyone to use, meeting venues are used primarily by staff for staff only purposes (staff meetings and training). Teaching rooms are primarily used for teaching and student related activities. Department specific venues are available for use by the designated school or department. Technical space is managed by technical staff who operate within the designated school or departments.

How do I read the room numbers?

Room numbers are configured by the building number, the alpha character denotes the campus, followed by the floor level and the room number. For example:

Room / VenueCampus Building number Building level Room number
G34_2.02 Gold Coast G34 2 02
L)5_3.04A Logan L05 3 04A
N06_0.14 Nathan N06 0 14
M23_Auditorium Mt Gravatt M23 Auditorium  
S07_1.23 South Bank S07 1 23

Where can I find the building locations?

Where can I find a list of rooms and the capacity?

Log in to the Web Room Booking System or view the locations guide on the room bookings site.

Where can I find pictures of the rooms?

See photo examples of the types of rooms available on the homepage of this website.

Where can I find out what audiovisual equipment is in rooms?

Visit Audio Visual for information. If making a room booking via the web select the audio visual equipment that you require and only a list of available rooms with this equipment will be offered.

How do I book audiovisual support, including videoconferencing in rooms?

Visit Audio Visual and/or Video conferencing for more information.

When are rooms made available for ad hoc bookings?

The use of University space for teaching classes and end of trimester examinations takes precedence over ad hoc bookings in teaching spaces, and as such bookings are not permitted until the following trimester's timetable has been published. For specific dates, please refer to the Room bookings page.

Until what time can I book a venue to?

Generally most common use rooms are available for use from 8.00 am to 11.00 pm Monday–Sunday. Some venues are restricted after 6.00 pm. You will be advised if your booking request is affected. Meeting rooms in staff only areas are generally available until 5.00 pm Monday–Friday. At the discretion and approval of Campus Life, bookings can be made outside these times.

Why are some venues not bookable via the central Room Bookings service?

It is likely these venues are School or Department 'owned' and as such are managed internally. Room Bookings staff should be able to advise you of an alternative room booking contact.

Will the room be open for my booking?

The room should be open for use provided a booking is in the system. If the room is locked, contact Security x7777 and make sure you have your booking details available.

How do I get the air conditioning turned on, the room cleaned or any other type of maintenance requested?

Go to the online assistance website: Facilities Assist and select 'Create Request'. You can also contact Campus Life on the relevant campus directly or call the Maintenance hotline x8888.

Can the furniture layout in a room be changed?

Room layout can be modified to meet your requirements. Please log a job with Campus Life. All furniture must be retained in the room and returned to its original state at the completion of your booking.

Is food allowed in rooms?

No food is permitted in teaching rooms. Catering is allowed in most meeting rooms and foyers outside of teaching venues.

How do I host a Microsoft Teams meeting in my video conference room?

Visit the Productivity Hub to learn:

  • How to book the Microsoft Teams meeting
  • Join from a video conference room
  • Share your screen
  • Invite external attendees.