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If you are from Sweden, Norway or Denmark, find out more about the financial aid and student loan information for your country.


Swedish students may be able to finance their study with financial aid from Centrala Studiestodsnamnden (CSN). Many students take student loans with CSN to finance a portion of their cost of living during their education. Contact CSN for more information.


Norwegian students may be eligible for a study loan from the authority State Loan Institute (Statens Lanekasse).

All Norwegian students abroad must submit documentation on academic progress and tuition fees to be eligible for further financial support from the loan fund. You must submit new documentation every year you want to receive funding using the "Documentation of academic progress and tuition fees" form available from the Lanekassen website.


Danish students may be able to finance their study with a scholarship and/or a study loan from the State Study support (Statens Uddannelsestotte).

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