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Social mentoring for international students

The International Student Buddy Program will be run both in-person and virtually from Week 1 to Week 6 of Trimester 2, 2021. New international students and those who reach out for support are matched with experienced local students (Senior Buddies) for mentoring sessions either in-person or online. These sessions are designed to help ease the transition to uni life and provide a safe and comfortable environment for new international students to ask questions about Griffith, life in Australia, as well as practise English. It’s also a great way to make friends!

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Junior Buddies

If you are a new or continuing international student who would like social support, sign up to receive peer-to-peer mentoring for your first six weeks at Griffith. Mentoring sessions can be held either in-person or online for those overseas.

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Senior Buddies

Current Griffith students who have been at the university for more than one year and would like to mentor a new international student.

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Example Weekly Discussion Topics

Living In Australia

Discuss the essentials for getting started at Griffith and life in Australia.

Social Connections

Get the inside scoop on how to get involved in social activities and events on campus.

Life Hacks

Senior Buddies can share how to make budget friendly choices for students.

Cultural Exchange

Each session offers the chance to share your culture with the group.

This program is very helpful for new international students. We can talk with current Griffith students and also meet other international students. It's good opportunity to get to know Australian culture and make friends. Thanks to this program, I really enjoyed my first few weeks at Griffith University.

Yumi, Junior Buddy

I joined the International Student Buddy Program because I enjoy volunteering and having been an international student myself I know how daunting moving to a new country can be. I wanted to help new students feel welcome but the program turned out to be more than that, I made some new friends and learned about some new cultures. Such a rewarding experience all round.

Shauni, Senior Buddy

Being a Senior Buddy is incredibly rewarding. You can walk away with the knowledge that you actually made somebody's transition to university easier, plus you make amazing friends and often learn things from your buddies too.

Hayley, Senior Buddy

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