Access leading health services from the comfort of your own home

Telehealth enables you to receive quality care at home and is facilitated online through the use of Microsoft Teams. It involves the same level of diagnosis, treatment, and prevention aspects that you’d receive with regular in-person consultations and it improves access to healthcare by reducing the need to travel for specialist advice.

* We are currently offering telehealth services in the following clinics  – physiotherapy, exercise physiology, speech pathology, dietetics and psychology.

Book a telehealth appointment

1. Book an appointment

You can schedule an appointment with our clinic by calling 1800 188 295. For Gold Coast booking you can also email For Mt Gravatt bookings you can email After your booking has been confirmed you'll receive an invitation to your appointment using Microsoft Teams.

2. Check your inbox

You will be sent a Microsoft Teams invitation to your inbox, and depending on your computer set up, it may be automatically entered into your calendar. If you are unable to attend your telehealth appointment please contact the clinic to reschedule.

* You do not need to have a Microsoft account or any prior access to Microsoft Teams to access your telehealth appointments.

*If you are using an Apple computer, your Microsoft Teams invitation will appear as a Mail Attachment in your email. Open the Attachment to add this as a new event to your calendar, and accept the event.

3. On the day of your appointment

Simply go to your email and click the ‘Join Microsoft Teams Meeting’ link. Or, you can locate the meeting in your Outlook Calendar and open the link through your Calendar.

If you have the Microsoft Teams Windows App installed, you can open the meeting in the App, otherwise click ‘Join on the web instead.

*For Apple Mac users, on the day of your session, click on the first invitation link “Join Microsoft Teams Meeting” and this may automatically open the Safari browser, if it is set as your default browser, and display the message “Your browser doesn’t support Teams meetings”. Copy the link into your Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser as Teams meetings are not yet available in Safari.

4. Join your telehealth consultation online

Once you have opened your meeting (either on the web or in the App) you will be directed to a screen like this. It may ask you to enter your name for the session. The camera and microphone below the ‘Join now’ link are to turn your camera and microphone on or off. They may default to the off position. Click the buttons next to the camera and microphone symbol to turn on both the camera and microphone. You will need them on for your session.

5. Your consultation commences

Once you've turned on your camera and microphone and clicked ‘Join now’, your practitioner will be able to see that you've joined the meeting and you telehealth consultation will commence.

If you are experiencing any wifi or internet connectivity issues, your practitioner will be able to continue the consultation via phone. The quality of the call will be dependent on your internet connection. If you are on WiFi, please be as close to your modem/router as possible. If other members of your household are also using the internet or streaming, this may cause your video and/or audio to freeze or drop out. If possible, please limit the household internet usage during your consultation. If you are using a mobile device (e.g. iPad or Android) you will need to download the Microsoft Teams App from the app store. When you click on the meeting link in your email, it will open the Microsoft Teams App and you can “Join as a guest”

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