Can changing your gut bacteria help your hayfever?

Griffith University is undertaking a research trial examining the effect of a probiotic supplement on hay fever (allergic rhinitis) symptoms.

The study is looking for participants aged between 18-65 years who have a history of allergic rhinitis in response to grasses/pollens. Participation will involve confirmation of allergy status via a blood sample at the start of the study and then taking a probiotic supplement for 8 weeks and daily recording of symptoms and medication use. Individuals interested in having the composition of their gut bacteria assessed will be invited to provide a faecal sample for analysis.

Probiotic supplements

Probiotics are micro-organisms that promote health. We have previously conducted a preliminary study to support the potential of a multi-strain probiotic supplement in improving quality of life and reducing medication use in individuals with allergies to grass pollens.

Gut Bacteria Profiling

You will receive detailed information on the diversity of your gut bacteria, how your gut bacteria compares to other individuals and whether strains used in probiotic supplements can be detected. Overall scores of microbial diversity will be provided. Higher diversity of gut bacterial species have been associated with good health.

Join the study

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Benefits of participating in the study

The benefits of participating include; confirmation of your allergy status to grass pollens, access to a multi-strain probiotic supplement (not currently available in Australia) to trial, and having your gut bacteria profiled.


If you have a history of hay fever (allergic rhinitis) in response to grass pollens and would like to be involved in the allergy study, please click on the below link to assess your eligibility. If you require any further information please contact the study team vie the email address below.