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We provide a range of workshops and degrees to qualify and up skill individuals in the field of suicide research and prevention. Workshops are tailored to specific organizational needs of workers, and are delivered within an adult learning framework.

AISRAP’s training is differentiated from tertiary level education, by the predominant target audience, localised and organisational based training content and delivery, and the diverse range of qualified facilitators, training approaches, and applied/practical face to face delivery mediums. AISRAP attracts training requests from all disciplines in the domain of suicide prevention from clergy, to police, youth workers, aged care and disability workers, construction industry and legal sectors, health, coronial and funeral workers.

Postgraduate Programs

Offering postgraduate programs in suicidology in 2001 was a world first; and these programs designed and developed by Prof Diego De Leo and Ms Jacinta Hawgood remain as the only international programs of their kind world-wide. Graduates of these programs extend beyond Australia, including also Belgium, New Zealand, United States of America, UK, and Ireland.

The Master of Suicidology and Graduate Certificate in Suicide Prevention Studies are delivered part time and fully online. They have attracted well over 300 students since inception. In addition, since 2000, the Institute has offered Suicide Prevention Skills Training workshops for professionals and consumers of government and non-government organisations, community groups and volunteers.

Graduate Certificate in Suicide Prevention

The Graduate Certificate in Suicide Prevention is designed for people who work in health, education, law enforcement, religious, social and community service fields. Graduates have included nurses, general practitioners, allied health professionals, educators, counsellors, social workers, guidance officers, police officers, emergency services staff, correctional personnel, clergy and volunteer workers in the field of suicide prevention.

Master of Suicidology

The program will allow students to explore the historical and sociological development of the complexities of suicide. Furthermore, students will have the opportunity to compare different management methods and identify the advantages and disadvantages of each theoretical approach to treatment and management of suicidal behaviour and its prevention.

Organisational training programs

Training workshops can be tailored to specific organisational requirements and vary from half, one or two day workshops. Shorter in-service courses are also offered. The aim of AISRAP's training is to develop participants' awareness, knowledge and skills in suicide prevention. Specifically, it is expected that participants will develop a common set of understandings and skills as members of the community who are concerned with suicide prevention.

Screening Tool for Assessing Risk of Suicide (STARS)

The purpose of STARS is to assist and guide clinicians on ways to elicit some of the essential empirically based risk and protective factor information, short-term indicators of suicide risk (or warning signs), and current and past suicidality from the client’s perspective. STARS was developed to provide a very initial insight into the complex world of a suicidal client guided by client reported concerns contributing to their suicidality, in order to inform immediate clinician action and client care, including safety planning and commensurate management responses, as well as critical documentation of the same. STARS is made available by Griffith University through AISRAP. Interested practitioners first need to complete a mandatory two day training workshop "Screening Tool for Assessing Risk of Suicide (STARS)". This training involves a comprehensive theoretical and skills-based implementation of STARS as well as increased emphasis on safety planning and documentation and worker-care (impacts on the worker and sustaining self-care). Practitioners require a license to use STARS from Griffith University. Griffith then provides to practitioners the STARS protocol and related workbooks and literature as hard copies and PDF electronic versions. A one day workshop is mandatory as an annual 'refresher' training for practitioners, who have undertaken the original two day workshop. To inquire about training for and access to STARS, please email

Suicide prevention skills training

AISRAP 's Suicide Prevention Skills Training Workshops provide a complete knowledge and skills based approach to suicide prevention training across prevention, intervention and postvention. The workshop has been developed for those working in a broad range of fields including health, education, emergency, clergy, law enforcement, community and social services.

Training workshops can be tailored to specific organisational requirements and vary from half, one or two day workshops. Shorter in-service courses are also offered.

For further information please email and provide a short brief on your organisation's requirements.

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