Providing world class specialised care and support

The Life Promotion Clinic is a unique place of care and support for people who have attempted suicide and provides an alternative to community mental health and medical-based care. The clinic opened in 2004 and was the first (and remains the only) outpatient facility in Australia that provides specialised treatment for people with a history of suicidal behaviour.

Our mission

To provide personalised, high-quality care to individuals with suicidal ideation and behaviour within a world—class research environment.

Our Clinic

In 2004, Professor Diego de Leo, the Director of the Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention (AISRAP) at the time, established the Life Promotion Clinic. The clinic is the only specialised outpatient service in Australia dedicated to the assessment and treatment of individuals at increased risk of suicide.

All the clinicians at the clinic offer assessment as well as open-ended treatment on an outpatient basis. They all have substantial experience in the management of individuals at risk of suicide and adhere to best practices of treatment. The clinic has a clinic manager, psychiatrists, psychiatry registrars, clinical psychologists, psychologists and a receptionist.

By operating within a research environment, the clinic aims to collect vital information to develop the best possible protocols of clinical practice to reduce suicidal thoughts and  behaviours.

Clinic Staff, Times & Cost

Ms Ainsley Cherry, Clinic Manager

Mrs Paulomi Doshi, Clinic Receptionist

Dr Georgiana Antoce, Consultant Psychiatrist (1st Tuesday of the month, 10:30am to 2pm)

Dr Yasemin Anderson, Psychiatry Registrar (Tuesdays and Wednesdays 9am to 4pm; Thursdays 9am to 12pm)

Mr Andre Bauer, Consultant Psychologist (1st Tuesday of the month, 9am to 5pm)

Dr Katelyn Kerr, Consultant Psychologist (Wednesdays, 10am to 4pm)

Glynis Schroeder, Psychologist (Alternate Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 9am to 4pm)

Our services are provided under Medicare initiatives and all visits to the clinic are bulk-billed.

To be referred to the clinic please have your GP or treating doctor complete and send us a completed referral form.


Level 1, Psychology Building (M24)

Griffith University

Mt Gravatt Campus

176 Messines Ridge Road

Mt Gravatt Queensland 4122

Telephone: 07 3735 1168

Facsimile: 07 3735 3450


How to get here

By public transport

There are two bus stops at Mt Gravatt Campus. The first is the Griffith University stop on the busway, which is a short but steep walk from the bottom of the campus. The second stop is opposite the Visitor’s Circle at the centre of the campus. Contact Translink for bus information.

By car

Mt Gravatt campus is at the end of Messines Ridge Rd, on the opposite side of the freeway from our main campus at Nathan. There is paid parking available on the campus. You can access more information about parking here.

How to support the clinic

AISRAP welcomes donations to support the activities and research conducted at the Life Promotion Clinic. All donations are tax deductible. You can access more information here.