Academic Integrity is important to you and the University

Academic integrity matters—producing your own work, to the best of your ability means you have earnt your qualification and are prepared for the opportunities and challenges that you will face in the workplace.

The University is committed to promoting academic integrity, educating students about academic integrity and taking action when academic misconduct occurs.

Managing and preventing academic misconduct helps the University to:

  • assure the academic reputation of the University and the standards of its awards
  • ensures students receive due credit for the work they submit for assessment
  • protects  the interests of those students who do not cheat
  • meet it's reporting and compliance obligations as a Higher Education Provider.

Employers need to be assured that students who are awarded degrees have met the standards and professional requirements for the program of study. A degree is a minimum requirement of entry into many professions.  Many professions have specific professional integrity standards, values and codes of conduct. Acting honestly, ethically, respectfully and with responsibility are some of the expectations of employers.

Academic Integrity is an extension of your own personal integrity.

Student Academic Integrity Tutorial

The Student Academic Integrity Tutorial is an online tutorial to help you understand more about academic integrity and why it is important, the types of academic misconduct and the University’s policies.


Develop your research and academic writing skills.  The Library has a range of available.

Academic Integrity Resources for Students


If you have questions about academic integrity speak with your Tutor, view the resources on your Learning@Griffith course site or visit the Library website.