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PhD and research candidates play an important role in the research efforts of the Centre for Governance and Public Policy. Candidate projects are closely aligned with the Centre's research programs. Our degrees are informed by world-class research and supported by the experience of 30 experts in these fields. This means that as a Griffith graduate, you’ll be ideally positioned to take advantage of new and exciting opportunities.


Current PhD and research themes include:

  • Youth Representation in Transitional Justice
  • Foreign volunteer motivations within the Australian, British and Danish context
  • The Limits to Operationalising the Rule of Law in Cambodia
  • When Do Anticorruption Agencies Need Society?
  • Rhetorical Power and Interpretive Leadership: Defining US Interests in Atrocity Prevention Over Time

As an international student I found at the Centre for Governance and Public Policy students from diverse cultures and nationalities were able to meet together in a friendly environment to share the common goal—knowledge. I met many dynamic and highly-qualified researchers who were enthusiastic, friendly and compassionate. Without the guidance and support of my great supervisors and department and centre heads, my dream of a Phd would not have come true. As well as being an invaluable learning experience, my years at Griffith University were the most memorable of my life.

Mumita Tanjeela, PhD 2016

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