ARC Discoveries

Year Grant titleRecipient Grant amount
2021-2024Decoding Revisionist Challenges to the International Institutional OrderK. He & H. Feng$136,490
2020-2023The Impact of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence on the Dynamics of Conflict (Monash University)J. True & S. Davies$112,523
2019-2021How can political actors shape turnout?F. Martinez i Coma$248,000
2019-2021Expectations and Commitments in the Australia-USA AllianceA. O'Neill, (with S. Fruhling and P Dean)$227,033
2018-2020Accountability for past human rights violations in South AsiaR. Jeffery, I, Hall$242,315
2017-2019 Members to Leaders? Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Participation in Political Parties (Charles Sturt University) D. McDonnell (with M. Evans) $348,000
2017-2019 Radical Right Populist Parties: Mainstream Partners or Democratic Pariahs? D. McDonnell, A. Werner $195,000
2017-2019 Rethinking the public inquiry on science, technology and environmental change R. Hindmarsh $186,000
2016-2018 Comparing Deliberative Systems: Sites, Transmission and Memes J. Parkinson $224,000
2016-2018 International Organisations in Small States P. Weller, Xu Yi-chong, J. Corbett $190,000
2016-2018 Why Does Cabinet Government Survive? P. Weller, D. Grube, RAW Rhodes $239,000
2015-2017 After Nehru: The Evolution of Indian International Thought, 1964-present I.Hall $117,932
2014-2016Peace Settlement AmnestiesR. Jeffery$155,823
2014-2016Political reconciliation – Bougainville, East Timor and Solomon IslandsR. Jeffery, J. Wallis, L. Kent$165,000
2014-2016 Constitutional Values and the Future of Federations: Resolving Dilemmas of Optimum Governing Structures in the 21st Century A.J.Brown, R.Hollander (with R.Levy, R.Smith, P.Kildea, R.Cole, J.Kincaid)


2014-2016 The Responsibility to Protect Women: Can we predict and prevent mass atrocities against women? S. Davies (with J. True) $380,000
2014-2016 Democratic leadership in foreign affairs: The Australian Case J.Kane & H.Patapan $176,000
2013-2015 Prime Ministers: Explaining why some succeed and others fail P. Weller $269,392
2013-2015 From Words to Deeds: The politics of compliance in post-crisis international tax reform R. Eccelstein and W. Widmaier $179,490
2012-2014 State-owned enterprises and government in China: Who drives? Xu Yi-Chong $141,305
2012-2014 Sovereignty at the extremes: Micro-states and international relations theory JC Sharman $90,000
2011-2013 Decision making in international organisations: Who and what shapes decisions? P. Weller & Xu Yi-Chong $328,000
2010-2012 The changing roles, avenues and impacts of public interest whistleblowing in the era of secure online technologies AJ Brown, SK Milton, R.Bosua, MP Miceli $330,000
2009-2011Political reconciliation – Bougainville, East Timor and Solomon IslandsR. Jeffery$123,000
2009-2011 An Early Warning Framework for the Prevention of Genocide and Mass Atrocities A.Bellamy & S.Davies $350,000
2009-2011 International organisations the legislative oversight: Improving governance in Asia and the Pacific R. Pelizzo $70,000
2009-2011 Meeting 2020 Targets: Effective transitions for renewable energy and beyond R.Hindmarsh $100,000
2009-2011 Democrats at War: Democratic Leadership in an International Context J.Kane & H.Patapan $150,000
2009-2011 The nexus between corruption and money laundering: Typologies and policy responses JC Sharman and DA Chaikin $200,000
2008-2011 Containing H5N1: the role of the WHO and East Asian states S.Davies $355,944
2008-2011 Nuclear giants? Prospects for nuclear energy in China and India Xu Yi-Chong $170,000


Year Grant titleRecipient Grant amount
2018The Rise of Sophisticated Authoritarianism in Southeast AsiaLee Morgenbesser$331,248


Maritime Security - South East Asia

Carolin Liss



The public face of the public service: the significance of bureaucratic leadership in Westminster systems

Dennis Grube



Does transitional justice make a difference? Implications for the Asia-Pacific region

Hun Joon Kim


ARC Linkage grants

Year Grant titleRecipient Grant amount


Strengthening Australia's national integrity system: priorities for reform

A.J. Brown, J. Sharman, J. Ransley



Investigate how peace agreements can advance women’s rights and participation after post-conflict and political transitions

S.Davies, J.True (administered through Monash University)



Protecting while they prosper? Organisational responses to whistleblowing

A.J.Brown, P.Brough



Political leadership in international affairs

J.Kane, H.Patapan, Lowy Institute, Yale University



University of Melbourne: Poverty in the midst of plenty: Economic Empowerment, Wealth Create, and Reform for Sustainable Indigenous and local communities

M Langton, M Tehan, M Steward, L Godden, C O'Faircheallaigh, J Taylor, L Stelein



From Post box to Policy Powerhouse: The Centenary of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (won through the University of the Sunshine Coast)

P. Weller, J.Scott, B. Stevens


ARC Future Fellowships

Year Grant titleRecipient Grant amount


Contested multilateralism 2.0 and Asia Pacific Security

Kai He



Internationalisation of China’s currency

Steven (Hui) Feng



The initiative of successful health diplomacy

Sara Davies



Strengthening accountability for grand corruption crimes

Jason Sharman



Constructing the next Crisis: ideas, economic policy and the social Limits to Reform

Wes Widmaier


ARC Centre for Research Excellence in Policing and Security

Year Grant titleRecipient Grant amount


Chief investigator’s share of $15,000,000



Other Grants

Year Grant titleRecipient Grant amount (AUD)
2021Australian Institute for International Agriculture Research: COVID-19 gendered risks, impact & response in the Indo-Pacific: Rapid research and policy guidance - S. Davies and R. Roberts$200,000
2020Canadian Institutes of Health Research; Impact of COVID-19 on Gender (China Case) H. Feng and S. Davies$90,000

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada: Knowledge Network on Mining Encounters and Indigenous Sustainable Livelihoods.

T. Rodon and C. O'Faircheallaigh$110,000
2018UN Women Asia Pacific: Mapping on Women’s Access to Justice in Asia and the Pacific: Bridging the Gap between formal and informal systems through women’s empowermentS. Davies, J. True and C. MollicaUS$79,879
2018Politics of PrecariousnessT. Nguyen$3,000
2018German Fritz-Thyssen-Foundation: Populism and RepresentationA. Werner and H.Giebler$10,000
2017Swedish Research Council, Making Tomorrow's Leaders: Youth Movements of Right Wing Populist Parties A-C Jungar, D McDonnell, C Mudde, A Ravik Jupskås.$1.1M
2016-2018MacArthur Foundation: Understanding China's rise through the eyes of China's international relations scholarsK. He and Huiyun FengUS$385,000


Australia-Korea Foundation,Towards more effective renewable energy transitions in Korea




Economic, social and environmental impacts of illegal mining in Bougainville

C O'Faircheallaigh, and A Regan



Leading from between: the challenge and promise of indigenous bureaucratic leadership (Canada)

C O'Faircheallaigh, C Althaus, G Van Dijk



Norwegian Research Council, Systems of Tax Evasion and Laundering: Locating Global Wealth Chains in the Global Political Economy

J Sharman, L Seabrooke, D Wigan, V Ali, E Tsingou, R Palan, D Marshall, B De Carvahlo



Faroe Islands Research Council, Why No Tax Haven in the Faroes?

J Sharman, G Weihe and L Seabrooke


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