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Our researchers author, edit and contribute to a range of academic books, journal articles and industry reports related to political science. Recent publications are included below. A full list of our academic publications can be found at Griffith Experts and Griffith Research Online.

Selection of Publications 2020

Selection of Journal Articles 2019

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Selection of 2018 Journal Articles

  • Arklay, T., van Acker, E., and Hollander R 2018 'Policy entrepreneurs searching for the open-minded skeptic: a new approach to engagement in difficult policy areas' Policy Design and Practice.
  • Baker, G., 2018 'Cynical Cosmopolitanism' Theory and Event, Volume 21(3).
  • Boer, H. J. (2018). The role of government in operationalising markets for REDD+ in Indonesia. Forest Policy and Economics, 86(Supplement C), 4-12.
  • Jack Corbett, Xu Yi-chong and Patrick Weller, 2018,  Climate Change and the Active Participation of Small States in International Organisations, The Round Table, 2018, 107 (1): 103-105.
  • Jack Corbett, Xu Yi-chong and Patrick Weller, 2018 Small States and the ‘Throughput’ Legitimacy of International Organisations  Cambridge Review of International Affairs (CRIA), forthcoming.
  • Feng, Huiyun and Kai He. 2018. “Prospect theory, operational code analysis, and risk-taking behaviour: a new model of China’s crisis behaviour,” Contemporary Politics 24 (2): 173-190.
  • Fossati, D. (2018) A tale of three cities: Electoral accountability in Indonesian local politics. Journal of Contemporary Asia, 48(1):23-49.
  • He, Kai and Steve Chan. 2018. “Thinking about Change: American Theorizing and Chinese Reasoning onWorld Politics,” International Studies Review 20 (2): 326-333.
  • He, Kai. 2018. “Contested Multilateralism 2.0 and Regional Order Transition: Causes and Implications,”The Pacific Review (online-first).
  • He, Kai. 2018. “Role Conceptions, Order Transition and Institutional Balancing in the Asia-Pacific: a New Theoretical Framework,” Australian Journal of International Affairs 72 (2): 92-109.
  • He, Kai. 2018. “Three Faces of the Indo-Pacific: Understanding the “Indo-Pacific” from an IR Theory Perspective,” East Asia (online first).
  • Kane, J. 2018. “Paolo Gerbaudo: The Mask and the Flag: Populism, Citizenism and Global Protest | Benjamin Moffitt: The Global Rise of Populism: Performance, Political Style, and Representation”. New Global Studies, 12 (2), published online 24 Jun. 2018.
  • Martinez i Coma F and Rodney Smith. “Jobs, Crime, Proximity and Boats: Explaining Australian Public Attitudes to Immigrant Numbers”  Australian Journal of Political Science.
  • McDonnell D and Werner A., 2018, ‘Respectable radicals: why some radical right parties in the European Parliament forsake policy congruence’ Journal of European Public Policy 25 (5), 747-7633.
  • McDonnell D. (with Kefford G.), 2018, ‘Inside the personal party: Leader-owners, light organizations and limited lifespans The British Journal of Politics and International Relations 20 (2), 379-394.
  • Morgenbesser L., (with Meredith Weiss) 2018, “Survive and Thrive: Field Research in Authoritarian Southeast Asia,” Asian Studies Review
  • Morgenbesser L and Pepinsky T., 2018 “Elections as Causes of Democratization: Southeast Asia in Comparative Perspective” Comparative Political Studies, Online First.
  • Levon Blue and Ciaran O'Faircheallaigh, 2018, ‘Indigenous autonomy and financial decision-making in communities’, Financial Planning Research Journal, 4, 2, 39-50.
  • O’Faircheallaigh, C., 2018, ‘Lost Opportunities: Prospects for a Treaty, Griffith Review, 60, pp 180-90.
  • Patapan H., 2018, ‘The Modern Politics of Honor’. Contemporary Political Theory
  • P. Weller, 2018, '1978:  Another country, another world?'  Social Alternatives, 37.
  • Werner A., 2018 Voters’ preferences for party representation: Promise-keeping, responsiveness to public opinion or enacting the common good.” International Political Science Review, accepted 19.4.2018.
  • 'XU Yi-chong 2018, China's Giant State-Owned Enterprises as Policy Advocates,' China Journal, vol.78.

Selection of 2018 Book Chapters

  • Arklay T., 2018, ‘Political Science’ Handbook Autobiography.
  • Luis Cabrera. 2018. “Strengthening Security, Justice and Democracy Globally: The Case for a Consultative Parliamentary Body at the UN,” in William Durch, Joris Larik, and Richard Ponzio (eds.), Just Security in an Undergoverned World (Oxford University Press), 413-39.
  • Luis Cabrera. “Reform, Resist, Create: On Individual Duties Towards Suprastate Institutions,” in Luis Cabrera, ed.,Institutional Cosmopolitanism (forthcoming 2018, Oxford University Press).
  • Luis Cabrera. “Introduction: Institutions as a Cosmopolitan Concern,” in Luis Cabrera, eds., Institutional Cosmopolitanism (forthcoming 2018, Oxford University Press).
  • F. Martinez i Coma and Rodney Smith. “Dual Voting in Australian elections” in Australia Votes 2016 Anika Gauja, Juliet Pietsch and Peter Chen editors.
  • Huiyun Feng and Kai He, 2018, “China’s Institutional Balancing Strategies for “Multilateral Leadership” in the Asia Pacific,” in Regional Powers and Contested Leadership, edited by Hannes Ebert and Daniel Flemes, Palgrave.
  • Hall I., 2018, ‘India’s National Security: A Liberal Account’ in Nicolas Blarel, Sumit Ganguly and Manjeet Pardesi (eds) The Oxford handbook of India’s National Security, New Delhi: Oxford University Press.
  • Hindmarsh, R. and Akilli, H. 2018 Participatory irrigation management in Turkey on policy learning issues of participatory performance and sustainability. In: E. Strauss and J.A. Wendt (eds.) The Politics, State and Public Administration in the 21st Century. Bulgaristan, Sofya: Ohridski University Press.
  • Hollander R & Patapan H., 2018 “Deliberative Federalism” in The Cambridge Handbook of Deliberative Constitutionalism, Ron Levy et al eds. Cambridge University Press.
  • C. O'Faircheallaigh, 2018 'Mining, development and Indigenous peoples', in Lodhia, S (Ed)  Mining and Sustainable Development: Current Issues, Routledge
  • Patrick Weller and Xu Yi-chong, 'Heads of International Organizations: Politicians, Diplomats, Managers', in Diane Stone and Kim Moloney,  Oxford Handbook of Global Policy and Transnational Administration,Chapter 37,
  • Werner A., 2018: “Decline or Change? Party Types and the Crisis of Representative Democracy”, In: W. Merkel (ed): Crisis of Democracy. Wiesbaden: Springer VS, with H. Giebler, O.P. Lacewell, S. Regel.

2017 Books

Book TitleAuthor
The Despot’s Guide to Wealth, Cornell University Press J. Sharman
Marriage and Values in Public Policy: Conflicts in the UK, the US and Australia, Routledge, New York E. van Acker
Sinews of Power, Oxford University Press Y-C. Xu
From International Relations to World Civilizations: The contributions of Robert W. Cox, in the Rethinking Globalizations series,
London: Routledge
S. Brincat (eds)
A People's Federation? Sydney: Federation Press. T. Arklay, R. Hollander, M Bruerton R. Levy (eds)
Transitional Justice in Practice: Conflict, Justice, and Reconciliation in the Solomon Islands, New York: Palgrave R. Jeffery (eds)

2016 Books

Book TitleAuthor
China's Crisis Behaviour: Political Survival and Foreign Policy after the Cold War, Cambridge University Press. K. Hai
Behind the Façade: Elections under Authoritarianism in Southeast Asia, Albany SUNY press. L. Morgenbesser
Economic Ideas in Political Time: The Construction, Conversion and Crisis of Economic Orders from the
Progressive Era to the Global Financial Crisis Cambridge University Pres.
W. Widmaier
Policy Legitimacy, Science and Political Authority: Knowledge and action in Liberal Democracies Routledge. J. Kane M. Heazle (eds)
The Fukushima Effect A New Geopolitical Terrain. New York: Routledge R. Hindmarsh R. Priestley (eds)
Saving the People: How Populists Hijack Religion, New York: Oxford University Press. D. McDonnell, N. Marzouki O. Roy (eds)

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