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Our researchers author, edit and contribute to a range of academic books, journal articles and industry reports related to political science. Recent publications are included below. A full list of our academic publications can be found at Griffith Experts and Griffith Research Online.

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2017 Books

Book TitleAuthor
The Despot’s Guide to Wealth, Cornell University Press J. Sharman
Marriage and Values in Public Policy: Conflicts in the UK, the US and Australia, Routledge, New York E. van Acker
Sinews of Power, Oxford University Press Y-C. Xu
From International Relations to World Civilizations: The contributions of Robert W. Cox, in the Rethinking Globalizations series,
London: Routledge
S. Brincat (eds)
A People's Federation? Sydney: Federation Press. T. Arklay, R. Hollander, M Bruerton R. Levy (eds)
Transitional Justice in Practice: Conflict, Justice, and Reconciliation in the Solomon Islands, New York: Palgrave R. Jeffery (eds)

2016 Books

Book TitleAuthor
China's Crisis Behaviour: Political Survival and Foreign Policy after the Cold War, Cambridge University Press. K. Hai
Behind the Façade: Elections under Authoritarianism in Southeast Asia, Albany SUNY press. L. Morgenbesser
Economic Ideas in Political Time: The Construction, Conversion and Crisis of Economic Orders from the
Progressive Era to the Global Financial Crisis Cambridge University Pres.
W. Widmaier
Policy Legitimacy, Science and Political Authority: Knowledge and action in Liberal Democracies Routledge. J. Kane M. Heazle (eds)
The Fukushima Effect A New Geopolitical Terrain. New York: Routledge R. Hindmarsh R. Priestley (eds)
Saving the People: How Populists Hijack Religion, New York: Oxford University Press. D. McDonnell, N. Marzouki O. Roy (eds)

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