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Members of the Griffith Institute for Educational Research are passionate about demonstrating the impact of their research, so seek to disseminate their research findings to the widest possible audience.  We have found that our Twilight Lecture series, and other lectures and workshops, successfully achieve this goal, and invite you to participate in these events throughout the year.  You will discover that GIER’s applied research projects, in collaboration with industry partners, education systems, schools, community and not-for-profit organisations, are readily translated into practice, and encompass real and measurable impact that is making a better world.

GIER Signature Events

Education research retrospective

The GIER Lecture is a significant event for those involved in education research. The retrospective aims are to inform current debate on a contemporary education issue.

GIER Perspectives

Public seminars designed to explore research perspectives from GIER experts that address the challenging issues in education.

GIER Dialogues

Webinars designed to discuss research perspectives with stakeholder groups

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