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The Griffith Institute for Educational Research (GIER) promotes excellence and equity in education research, the impact of which contributes to social, cultural, environmental and economic benefits in society. Through innovative educational research, the Institute is dedicated to improving the educational outcomes of all learners, commencing from childhood and extending across all years of compulsory and non-compulsory schooling, through to adult learning across working life. The Institute’s cutting-edge research is focused on across six contemporary research themes, each of which incorporates many of the key challenges facing contemporary society.

Transforming lives through learning

Education has the power to transform lives.

Living with autism and developmental disabilities

Research in Autism and Developmental Disabilities (RADD) uses high quality methodology to contribute new knowledge and understanding of autism and developmental disabilities. RADD researchers focus on the translation of knowledge into practice at an individual, family and systemic level, in order to impact policy and practice.

Educating the teachers of tomorrow

Research in this area leads the way in educating the teachers of tomorrow, incorporating high-quality, innovative, critical analyses of targeted areas of teacher education. Our experts undertake innovative research that positions them as national and international leaders in this field.

Empowering leaders for learning

School leaders are integral to every learning enterprise. This research area demonstrate the importance of leadership for learning and how it might be more widely enacted, not only in schools but in children’s homes and communities.

Enhancing professional and practice-based learning

This research theme covers broad fields of initial and continuing, professional and vocational education. Research in this area promotes learning and development in ways that address issues of equity and access that benefit individuals, workplaces and communities nationally and internationally.

Ensuring educational justice and equity

This research theme focuses on children and young adults at risk of not fulfilling their potential because of their socio-economic circumstances, mental and emotional upheaval including trauma and displacement, discrimination on the grounds of race, ethnicity, migration status, gender and age.

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