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Our expertise spans leadership, literacy and numeracy, Aboriginal education research, professional and vocational learning, special needs education and early childhood. Explore our research programs to find out more about our projects and research groups.

Griffith Institute for Educational Research Advisory Board

Board member



Professor Sue Willis (Chair)

Pro Vice Chancellor (Social Inclusiveness)

Monash University

Ms Anne Hampshire

Head of Research and Advocacy

The Smith Family

Professor Stephen Kemmis

Adjunct Professor

Charles Sturt University

Dr Bill Sultmann

Director Province Mission Oceania Province of the Congregation of Christian Brothers

Christian Brothers Oceania Province Centre

Dr Stephen Brown


The Brown Collective

Mr Robert Barton


Indigenous Supply Chain Connections

Dr Ben Williams

Early Career Academic & Researcher

Griffith University


Dr Mia O'Brien

Mid Career Academic & Researcher

Griffith University


Professor Peter Grootenboer

GIER Director

Griffith University GIER

Professor Leonie Rowan

GIER Deputy Director

Griffith University GIER

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