Expertise spanning the full spectrum of educational research

Our members come from the School of Education and Professional Studies, other Griffith University faculties and other national and international institutions. Follow the links to our Experts staff profile pages to find out more about our individual research strengths, background, research supervision, funded research and publications.

Our team


Professor Peter Grootenboer

Professor Grootenboer's research and teaching interests focuses on

  • Professional practice and theories of practice
  • Educational leadership and school-based educational development
  • Mathematics education

Deputy Director

Professor Leonie Rowan

Professor Rowan's research and teaching interests focus on three key inter-related areas:

  • Gender and education
  • University teaching and learning
  • Educational and social justice.

Professional staff

Members and expertise

Dr Dawn Adams

Autism, Intellectual disabilities, mental health and behaviour

Associate Professor Jeanne Allen

Innovation in partnership, teacher education, and professional experience and mentoring

Dr Aspa Baroutsis

Mediatisation of teachers’ work and identity construction; social justice in education; student engagement and voice; digital literacies and pedagogies

Dr Wendi Beamish

Teacher practice in educational transitions, positive behavioural support, autism

Professor Stephen Billett

Lifelong learning, workplace learning, and vocational education and training

Associate Professor Sarojni Choy

Adult and vocational education, workplace learning and continuing education training

Dr Megan Clark

The social emotional well-being and educational outcomes of school aged children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Dr Jennifer Clifton

Professional Experience, Work-Integrated Learning, School-University Partnerships, Initial Teacher Education, Health Education

Professor Julie Dunn

Drama education, early childhood education, and development of language and literacy through drama

Professor Beryl Exley

English and Literacy Curriculum and Pedagogy (excl. LOTE, ESL and TESOL)

Associate Professor Bev Fluckiger

Leadership for learning, family, school partnerships and early childhood education

Associate Professor David Geelan

Teacher explanations in science education, interactive simulations in science education, narrative and mixed research methodologies, physics education and chemistry education

Professor Peter Grootenboer

Mathematics education, practice theory, action research and middle leadership

Dr Steven Hodge

Adult education, vocational education and training, curriculum design and development

Professor Greer Johnson

Leadership for learning focusing on remote Indigenous schools and communities; education systems; school leaders; and families and communities, for collective impact on children’s learning and wellbeing

Professor Deb Keen

Autism, communication and early intervention

Dr Kevin Larkin

Primary mathematics education, digital technologies in mathematics education and early years STEM education

Dr Sherilyn Lennon

Gender education, literacy across the curriculum, and transformative and critical pedagogies

Dr Katherine Main

Adolescent development, collaborative teaching, and junior and middle schooling

Associate Professor Tim Mavin

Aviation, vocational education and training, distributed cognition and joint cognitive systems

Dr Christine McDonald

Science education, nature of science, and curriculum and pedagogy

Dr Glenda McGregor

Alternative and democratic schooling, curriculum, social justice and education

Dr Michelle Neumann

Early childhood education, literacy development, science education and digital literacy

Professor Donna Pendergast

Middle years education, teacher efficacy, and teacher education and development

Dr Sarah Prestridge

Use and integration of ICT, digital literacy and online professional learning

Dr Tasha Riley

Social justice in education, diversity education and Indigenous education

Professor Jacqueline Roberts

Education and autism, echolalia and autism inclusion in mainstream education

Associate Professor Leonie Rowan

Gender and education, university teaching and learning, and educational and social justice

Dr Kate Simpson

Autism, participation and sensory behaviours

Professor Parlo Singh

Sociology of education, politics of curriculum, and pedagogy and teacher professional development

Dr Madonna Stinson

Creative pedagogy, drama and arts education, curriculum and pedagogy

Dr Kate Thompson

Coding and robotics, computer-supported collaborative learning, and STEM education

Dr Susan Whatman

Sport and physical education pedagogy, health and physical education curriculum, Indigenous education, and Bernstein curriculum theory

Dr Benjamin Williams

Health and physical education, initial teacher education, and HPE curriculum and policy

Adjunct members

  • Associate Professor Marit Aas
  • Professor Nanette Bahr
  • Mr Robert Barton
  • Professor Catherine Beavis
  • Dr Lori Beckett
  • Professor Christopher Bigum
  • Emeritus Professor Bruce Burton
  • Professor Jean Clandinin
  • Dr Trevor Clark
  • Dr Amanda Cole
  • Dr Ian Davis
  • Emeritus Professor Neil Dempster
  • Professor Philip Diver
  • Dr Darryl Dymock
  • Mr Peter Feiss
  • Associate Professor Jo-Anne Ferreira
  • Professor Laurent Filliettaz
  • Emeritus Professor Glenn Finger
  • Professor Reinaldo Fleuri
  • Professor Susanne Garvis
  • Dr Jill Girdwood
  • Dr Katherine Glasswell
  • Professor Hannu Heikkinen
  • Dr Stephen Heimans
  • Professor Patricia Howlin
  • Professor Stephan Huber
  • Professor Jeroen Imants
  • Mr Glenn Jackwitz
  • Professor Rita Jordan
  • Professor Matthew Links
  • Professor Susan Lovett
  • Professor John O'Toole
  • Associate Professor Michelle Pigeon
  • Associate Professor Eileen Piggot-Irvine
  • Professor Jacqui Rogers
  • Dr Michelle Ronksley-Pavia
  • Dr Judy Rose
  • Dr Viviana Sappa
  • Associate Professor Cheryl Sim
  • Professor Maria Tamboukou
  • Dr Roberta Thompson
  • Professor Tony Townsend
  • Professor Paivi Tynjala
  • Professor Allan Walker
  • Dr Satine Winter
  • Professor Lesley Wood
  • Dr Sarah Woodland
  • Professor Tiedao Zhang
  • Professor Ortrun Zuber-Skerritt

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