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Our Teacher Education program promotes high-quality, innovative, critical analysis of targeted areas of teacher education, with the aim of positioning its researchers as national and international leaders in this field. Associate Professor Jeanne Allen, Professor Donna Pendergast and Dr Kate Thompson lead the program.

Research Projects

Middle years pedagogy and teacher education

This research project focuses on developing tools for effective pedagogy in middle years (teacher) education. Such tools include apps and immersive reality. Project members: Professor Donna Pendergast and Dr Katherine Main.

Technology enabled experiences in higher education

Professor Glenn Finger outlines his research into the conditions for success of actively designing technology enabled experiences that focus on learning in higher education.

The Creative Practice Lab

The Creative Practice Lab (CPL) is located in a purpose-built newly constructed learning space at the Mt Gravatt Campus. The CPL facility is unique in that it provides space to link teacher education and digital and design technologies (and STEAM Education), with evidence-informed practice and online collaboration systems. Building on experience and research in contemporary learning environments, creativity and design, the CPL encourages connections between learners, teachers, ideas, subject areas, and institutions. The CPL provides opportunities for staff and researchers to engage with innovative research and its application for teacher education.Project members: Professor Greer Johnson, Professor Peter Grootenboer, Associate Professor Jeanne Allen and Professor Julie Dunn.


The STEP-UP project is one of five funded under the Enhancing the Training of Mathematics and Science Teachers Program. With links to more than 30 researchers across five universities in Queensland, the Queensland Government Department of Education and Training, and the Queensland College of Teachers, this partnership has implications for core aspects of STEM preservice teacher education. Project members: Professor Wendy Loughlin, Associate Professor Raymond Brown, Associate Professor David Geelan, Dr Harry Kanasa, Associate Professor Kevin Larkin, Associate Professor Christine McDonald, and Dr Adam Palmer.

Innovation in teacher education

Research in this project focuses on student engagement, resilience and wellbeing that’s enhanced through building a sense of belonging. The program also focuses on bridging theory-practice divide and raising critical consciousness, alongside the imperative for building evidence of impact on learning and work readiness. Project members: Dr Mia O’Brien, Dr Loraine McKay, Dr Sarah Prestridge and Professor Donna Pendergast.

Teacher education and professional learning

This project is a component of the Professional Learning Hub, which involves the delivery of professional learning to Queensland classroom teachers to upskill capabilities. Research focuses on teacher self-efficacy, that is confidence and competence to deliver learning materials and the connection to the professional learning program. Project members: Professor Donna Pendergast, Dr Katherine Main, Professor Glenn Finger, Associate Professor David Geelan, Associate Professor Peter Grootenboer, Professor Richard John, Dr Ali Sammel, Christine Edwards and Dr Jason Zagami.

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