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At Griffith Institute for Educational Research (GIER), we have one of the largest concentrations of university-based education researchers in the country. We comprise a vibrant community of researchers and research candidates whose applied research with industry partners, education systems, schools, community and not-for-profit organisations is readily translated into practice. We invite your collaboration in discovering how new knowledge about learning can address important issues facing Queensland, Australia and the world. In seeking to create new knowledge for learning, our institute has identified key research foci that include, but are not limited to, leadership, living with autism, and professional and practice-based learning.

GIER has identified Research Programs based on evidence of current, successful research, led by five esteemed senior researchers who are also mindful of new intellectual projects that can drive our endeavours to the next level of productivity and reputation. The involvement of and broad consultation with this group is crucial to GIER ’s ability to realise its vision and to meet its research objectives to create new knowledge about learning.

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