Our vision

The Griffith Institute for Educational Research (GIER) is an interdisciplinary coalition of researchers working to ensure that the benefits of educational and learning opportunities—wherever they take place, whenever they occur—can flow equitably to all members of our society. Focusing on the needs of diverse learners in diverse contexts, our research enables democratic, equitable, sustainable futures, and impacts directly on the quality and dignity of peoples’ lives.

Our Focus areas

PhD and research degrees

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Our motivation

Education—in all its forms and contexts—is central to personal, social, economic, and political freedom, but the benefits of education do not flow equitably to all people. Variables such as gender, age, geographical location, neurodiversity, sexual identity, socio-economic status, cultural background, ability, disability, religion, and First Nations’ identities intersect to create patterns of risk or disadvantage that have lifelong and life-wide consequences. These risks cannot be overcome by good intentions, aspirational targets or optimistic slogans. Change requires deliberate, purposeful and research-based educational interventions that make explicit the factors that enable or constrain education learning, and then use this research to conceptualise and sustain genuine change. Leading this transformative work is our fundamental purpose.

Our interdisciplinary agenda

Addressing longstanding, emerging and urgent patterns of disadvantage requires collaborations between and across areas of expertise. GIER places the highest values on our members’ disciplinary knowledge. At the same time, we recognise that intractable problems demand a willingness to look for solutions in unfamiliar spaces. Understanding the power of respectful relationships, GIER demonstrates trans-disciplinary hospitality. Going beyond the rhetoric of inter-disciplinarity, we invest in and promote the possibilities that emerge from multidisciplinary collaborations, and celebrate the courage required to step outside of any disciplinary comfort zones.

What we stand for

  • We demonstrate a pro-active commitment towards social justice, evidenced through commitments to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander researchers and HDR candidates; staff and HDR candidates from diverse and minoritized backgrounds, including members of the LGBTQIAP+ community, people with disabilities, researchers from diverse linguistic, religious, geographical, socio-economic, and cultural backgrounds, as well as women and staff with caregiver responsibilities
  • We recognise that all members have the capacity to enrich our research community and that people at all career stages have the ability to demonstrate leadership and advance knowledge. We value transparency, openness, and kindness, respecting the contributions of individuals and of groups
  • We recognise the mutual obligation between the Institute and our members: with all people playing a role in supporting, strengthening, and reinvigorating our research.
  • We are committed to the university values of equity, inclusion, diversity and sustainability. These values are made visible in our policies, processes, and priorities
  • We have high expectations of ourselves and each other and provide equally high levels of support. We value mentoring, collegiality, and distributed leadership
  • We combine our commitment to equity with a commitment to excellence and quality

Partnerships and collaboration

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Our affiliations extend to other sections of Griffith University and beyond. Our collaborative projects deliver mutually beneficial partnerships and collaborations with federal and state governments, plus other industry bodies. Connect with us if you would like to know more about partnering with us on a particular project, or accessing any of our research-related services.

GIER Insights

At Griffith Institute for Educational Research (GIER), we have one of the largest concentrations of university-based education researchers in the country. Our researchers work are an interdisciplinary coalition working to ensure that the benefits which can flow from any form of education and learning are genuinely accessible to all people in all contexts. Our focus is on the pursuit of educational and social justice, and we invest in research and research activities that generate new knowledge about diverse learners and contexts. Our Blog provides introductions to our outstanding team of researchers and our original, impactful research.

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