A daily dose of nature

This research team headed up by Associate Professor Cheryl Desha, is building capacity for decision makers to evaluate the costs and benefits of green spaces, encouraging their installation and retention as critical ‘green’ infrastructure.


Direct access to nature in the form of therapeutic ‘green spaces’ – located on ground or elevated gardens such as green roofs, walls and atriums – can significantly assist patient recovery and hence time in expensive acute care facilities and reduce stress among staff. Our researchers are working to deliver evidence-based design, construction and maintenance decision-support tools for mainstreaming green spaces. These are intended to assist healthcare decision makers to properly assess the costs, benefits and functionality of green spaces so that they are increasingly installed and retained for the benefit of city inhabitants.

Our Adjuncts

Dr Ominya El Baghdadi - Adjunct Industry Fellow - Consultant with KarmBuild, Egypt

Dominique Hes - Adjunct Research Fellow

Ms Katharina Nieberler-Walker - Adjunct Industry Fellow - Conrad Gargett

Dr Angela Reeve - Adjunct Industry Fellow - Sustainability Project Officer, Sunshine coast Council

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