We work with government, business and peak industry bodies, as well as community organisations and researchers from around the world

At Cities Research Institute, we’re building a global network of research collaborations and providing a robust evidence base for the evaluation of existing urban policies and the development of new approaches.

Our current research projects are designed to bring real benefits to cities. We proudly play a consultative role with policy makers, city shapers and industry professionals, and offer a range of helpful services that draw on our expertise.

Explore our projects and services further, and if you would like to discuss new research projects, partnership arrangements or other collaborations, please contact us.

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Our Services

Experts in our field, we offer services aligned with our research strengths, including:

Consultancy work

Our experts include urban planners, civil engineers, system modellers, environmental scientists, coastal engineers, geographers and architects, who can provide insight, guidance and advice.

Short courses

Drawing on our research and teaching expertise, we can design short courses for you or your staff to help build specialised knowledge.

Guest speakers

Our experts are available for speaking engagements at events such as functions, seminars and meetings.


We can design research around the needs of community, industry and government. We also collaborate on joint research projects.


Below are just a few examples of our collaborative projects with industry and government.

Gold Coast Light Rail and value capture

Our researchers are leading an ARC Linkage Project with industry partners, including the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads and City of Gold Coast. The project in part explores effects of the new Gold Coast light rail system on the property market and has found significant property value uplift around the rail stations. The project is now considering how governments can use ‘value capture’ funding and financing to use a small slice of such uplift to help pay for public transport into the future.

Benefits of CityCat ferry systems

Griffith researchers have undertaken the largest-ever set of studies into Brisbane’s CityCat ferry network. A ‘big data’ analysis of passenger smart card fare records unpacked how people use the system and calculated the passenger benefits of being on a ferry instead of a bus. Our research showed how this innovation was replicated worldwide, including on the East River New York, Thames River Bus in London, and water transport systems in Gothenburg, Copenhagen and Hamburg. A prestigious Australian Government Endeavour Fellowship also took our research to Bangkok to look at how the Chao Phraya Express boats can be modernised.

Green infrastructure in a changing climate

We acknowledge the benefits of enhanced urban greenery when it comes to shaping and reshaping urban development. Our members include engineering, planning and environmental science experts who are integrating green infrastructure to shelter, cool and beautify ourbuilt environments, from inner-city streets to outer suburbs. As part of the biomimicry network in Australia, our researchers are working with industry and healthcare partners to design, plan and manage urban spaces in imaginative and innovative ways towards the goal of ‘biophilic urbanism’—nature-loving cities. This includes reducing heat stress and energy demand, improving public health outcomes, walkability and urban biodiversity, while also improving social connectedness and urban happiness.

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