Our Adjunct Members

Our adjunct members join us from government, industry and a range of universities, both domestic and international, spanning various academic disciplines, all complementing our research themes and the work we do.

  • Ms Kathy Baker - Adjunct Industry Fellow - Manager Service Sustainability, City of Gold Coast
  • Dr Chris Boulton - Adjunct Research Fellow, Griffith University, Queensland Australia
  • Dr Andre Brits - Principal Policy Officer, Economic Development and Strategy Branch, Logan City Council, Queensland Australia
  • Dr Savindi Caldera - Adjunct Research Fellow, Griffith University, Queensland Australia
  • Dr Bert de Coensel - Adjunct Research Fellow - Co-founder and Managing Director ASAsense, Belgium
  • Mr Kerry Doss - Deputy Director-General, Planning Group, Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure & Planning, Queensland Australia
  • Dr Ominya El Baghdadi - Adjunct Industry Fellow - Consultant with KarmBuild, Egypt
  • Ryan Edge - Adjunct Industry Fellow - City of Gold Coast
  • Dr Graham Fraine - Deputy under Treasurer, Queensland Treasury, Queensland Australia
  • Dr Michael Forster - Adjunct Senior Research Fellow - Director, Edaphic Scientific Pty Ltd, Beaumaris, Australia
  • Ms Georgia Gosse - Adjunct Industry Fellow - Sustainability Manager, Inland Rail, Australian Rail Track Corporation, Australia
  • Professor John Hay - Adjunct Professor - Griffith University, University of Auckland, University of the South Pacific
  • Dr Dominique Hes - Adjunct Research Fellow - Senior Lecturer, Melbourne School of Design, University of Melbourne, Victoria Australia
  • Ms Deanna Hutchinson - Adjunct Industry Fellow - Spatial Industries Business Association, Australia
  • Professor Bruce James - Adjunct Professor - Cities Research Institute, Griffith University, Australia
  • Ms Leah Lang - Adjunct Industry Fellow - Cities Research Institute, Griffith University, Australia
  • Dr Wendy London - Adjunct Research Fellow - Co-founder-co-creator of Cruisessence.com
  • Mr Tony McAlister - Adjunct Industry Fellow - Director, Water Technology Pty Ltd, Australia
  • Associate Professor John Minnery - University of Queensland, Brisbane Australia
  • Mr Luke Nicholls - Principal and Partner - SGS Economics and Planning, Brisbane Australia
  • Dr Andy Nguyen - Adjunct Research Fellow - Structural Engineer, School of Civil Engineering and Surveying, University of Southern Queensland, Australia
  • Dr Nicholas Patorniti - Principal Urban Planner - Urban Analytics and City Systems Consulting, Sunshine Coast, Australia
  • Mr Luis Perez-Mora - Adjunct Industry Fellow - The Westhaven Association, Dubbo Team Leader-Day Programs, Australia
  • Professor Anthony Perl - Adjunct Research Fellow - Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada
  • Professor Tim Reddel - Institute for Social Science, The University of Queensland, Brisbane Australia
  • Dr Angela Reeve - Adjunct Industry Fellow - Sustainability Project Officer, Sunshine Coast Council, Brisbane Australia
  • Dr Allison Rifai - Principal Program Officer - Research at Inspector General Emergency Management (IGEM), Brisbane Australia
  • Dr Silvia Serrao-Neumann - University of Waikato, New Zealand
  • Mr Matthew Schneider - Adjunct Industry Fellow - Director, Urbis, Gold Coast, Australia
  • Dr Cameron Veal - Technical Coordinator- Catchment Water Quality, SEQWater, Brisbane Australia
  • Dr Andrew Watkinson - Adjunct Research Fellow- SEQWater, Brisbane Australia
  • Dr Barbara Yen - Assistant Professor - Chiao Tung University, Department of Transportation and Logistics Management, Taiwan

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