The Cities Research Institute has one of the largest concentrations of researchers in Australia focussed on all aspects of cities and urban change.

From architects and planners, through coastal and civil engineers, to environmental and social scientists, CRI researchers are at the forefront of building our understanding of how cities work and change. Current research is looking at:
  • the impacts of investment in public transport infrastructure
  • what works in travel behaviour change
  • innovations in public participation in planning
  • the scope for tiny houses to improve housing choice
  • how to measure the value of social housing
  • planning for climate change in coastal cities
  • and...the opportunities offered by sea cities.

We are always looking for talented upcoming researchers to join CRI. Please scroll below for potential projects that may entice you to undertake a research degree with us.

**International applicants - Please note, whilst borders are closed we will not be able to bring students to Australia however the HDR admission process and finding a suitable supervisor can be commenced. Please refer to information on this page to assist you.**

Research Projects

The role of government in sustainable development and addressing climate change

Reducing freshwater pollution with high-frequency remote nutrients monitoring and machine learning

Managing harmful algal bloom with machine learning and optical sensors

Changes in sediment supply via headland sand bypassing under a changing climate and implications for coastal management

Inlet sand bypassing changes under a changing climate and implications for coastal management

Local Food Resilience and Contingency Project

AI-enabled and BIM cloud modelling for effective infrastructure asset management

Investigation of pathways to net zero carbon for non-residential buildings and retrofits in Australia

BIM-DES approach for carbon emission modelling through the life cycle of prefabricated buildings in Australia

Whale Economy – the value of whale watching to the Australian blue economy

Potential effects of the East Australian Current (EAC) variability on coastal waters

Adaptation of the whale watch industry to climate change

SeaCities Research Lab - various projects

Autonomous asbestos detection using remote sensing and AI technologies

Diverse carbon dots for water quality sensing

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