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Associate Professor Cara Beal led the community water demand management component of the Sustainable Water and Wastewater Management Plan which won the Australian Water Association award for the Victorian Infrastructure Project Innovation Award (Regional). The project is now up for the National Infrastructure Project Innovation Award (Regional) to be announced at Ozwater next month. View more information on this project which was undertaken in the Torres Strait Islands here. March 2021

"Cities will get smarter but its citizens must too" Dr Tony Matthews discusses the rise of digitisation and AI with The Age. March 2021

Associate Professor Matthew Burke discusses the need for a  light rail system on the Sunshine Coast, while the locals have differing views. Read The ABC News article here. Feb  2021

"Is it time to go regional?" Dr Tony Matthews speaks about the post covid world with Phil Tarrant  of Smart Property Investment. Listen here. February 2021

"Why e-bikes can succeed where earlier bike schemes failed" CRI HDR student Madison Bland explains in this Conversation article with fellow student Ben  Kaufman and Dr Abraham Leung. Read The Conversation article here. February 2021

Professor Scott Baum writes about 'The gig economy – a shameful failure of the neoliberal project' on Bill Mitchell's Modern Monetary Theory blog. Read here December 2020

Beware new home buyers! Dr Tony Matthews explains how the portrayal of glamourous new housing estates is not all it's cracked up to be. Read more December 2020

Dr Tony Matthews recorded a feature on cities after Covid with ABC RN. It will be broadcast in late-Oct/early-Nov on 'Future Tense'. Listen here November 2020

Dr Johanna Nalau spoke to Canada's Vin Nelson on Multi-hazards: - The State of Adaptation Science in Australia and Beyond. Listen here October 2020

Professor Scott Baum has been busy in the media:

What the QLD Treasurer doesn't want to tell you on the jobless figures

One size fits all promises won't save electorates

Prosperity and Distress: The Socio-Economic Vitality of Queensland Electorates

Hi-vis haute couture impossible to miss, but not always the ideal fit 

Queensland votes: week 2 analysis

Crowded House or Uncrowded House? Paul Burton weighs up the pros and cons in the Sydney Morning Herald. Sept 2020

Dr Johanna Nalau celebrates her 2020 Queensland Young Tall Poppy Science Award. View here

Paul Burton chats with Jonathan Green from ABC Radio National's Blueprint, about global supply chain interruption caused by panic buying and it's effects during covid-19. Listen here Aug 2020

Paul Burton speaks to Gold Coast Bulletin's Ann Wason-Moore on SEQ's future possibilities and hurdles post covid-19. Listen here Aug 2020

Why are tiny homes growing in popularity? Dr Heather Shearer joins the conversation on ABC Radio Perth. Listen here Jan 2020

Dr Heather Shearer speaks to the pros and cons of living in a 'Tiny House' in this Conversation article. Jan 2020


Issue 1, March 2019

Issue 2, August 2019

Issue 3, December 2019

11TH Annual Australian Network of Structural Health Monitoring (ANSHM) Workshop. This Annual Workshop series has been organised by the Australian Network of Structural Health Monitoring (ANSHM). Griffith University hosted its 11th Workshop to mark the 10th Anniversary of ANSHM. More information here

Associate Professor Cara Beal has published findings from the Remote and Isolated Communities Essential Services Project (RICES). RICES is the first of it's kind in Australia with the project combining smart metering energy and water technology with community-based efficiency strategies to achieve reductions in the water and energy use in remote and isolated communities. More information and final report can be found here. Nov 2019

No congestion-busting benefit from Brisbane's $10 billion toll roads - Associate Professor Matt Burke explains in this Brisbane Times article. Oct 2019'Climigration': when communities must move because of climate change - Dr Tony Matthews discusses what happens when communities have to move due to extreme climate events. Read the full article in The Conversation Sept 2019

Associate Professor Sacha Reid has co-authored with Dr Nicole Johnston (Deakin University) the report 'An Examination of Building Defects in Residential Multi-owned Properties' which was referred to in the ABC four Corners story 'Cracking Up" . Read here. Aug 2019

Dr Tony Matthews talks on Ockhams' Razor, ABC Radio National, as part of the World Science Festival Brisbane 2019. Have a listen to 'Why aren't we living in sustainable cities?'

Dr Johanna Nalau and Maggie Muurmans were recently recognised during the 2019 International Womens Day celebrations for their remarkable work in climate change and nature conservation. Read We are Gold Coast article March 2019


Issue 3, November 2018

Issue 2, August 2018

Issue 1, March 2018

Natural Connectors: Biophilic design takes room - Cheryl Desha et al discuss the importance of biophilic design in all aspects of our lives. Read the article in Modern Green Homes Sanctuary issue. - Dec 2018

Professor Paul Burton discusses the effects of a growing population and the need for expansion of public transport on the Gold Coast. Read ABC article here - Nov 2018

Spills and city deals: what Turnbull's urban policy has achieved, and where to from here - Professor Paul Burton comments on City Deals, how the concept worked and where is it heading. Read The Conversation article here - 27  August 2018

DFAT funding success - Dr Cara Beal is the Principal Investigator of a $1.2M collaborative project awarded by DFAT through the Water for Women Fund.- Aug 2018

Loneliness in cities - Dr Tony Matthews and Cities PhD student, Joanne Dolley, write about 'third places', what they are  and how they may be able to help overcome the rising problem of loneliness in the city, something that is commonplace worldwide. See what they have to say in their article in The Conversation -  March 2018

Vale Patrick Troy AO - Professor Paul Burton pays tribute to Patrick Troy. Read here - July 2018

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