Our research portfolio is organised around a number of themes reflecting our wide range of expertise

The Cities Research Institute has one of the largest concentrations of researchers in Australia focussed on all aspects of cities and urban change.  From architects and planners, through coastal and civil engineers, to environmental and social scientists, CRI researchers are at the forefront of building our understanding of how cities work and change. Current research is looking at:
  • the impacts of investment in public transport infrastructure
  • what works in travel behaviour change
  • innovations in public participation in planning
  • the scope for tiny houses to improve housing choice
  • how to measure the value of social housing
  • planning for climate change in coastal cities
  • and...the opportunities offered by sea cities.

Explore each of our research themes below in more detail.

Coastal and Marine Research Centre

The Coastal and Marine Research Centre integrates our coastal expertise with wider questions of city planning. Through rigorous research and community engagement, the Centre explores the vulnerabilities of Australian coastal cities helps them to be more resilient into the future.

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