Our research portfolio is organised around a number of themes reflecting our wide range of expertise

Our home in South-East Queensland is one of the fastest growing metropolitan regions in Australia, and provides a living laboratory for much of our research on growth management and urban resilience. Encompassing the Griffith Centre for Coastal Management, we are also focused on urban water research.

Explore each of our research themes below in more detail.

Griffith University Systems Modelling Group

This research group brings together Griffith University experts in methodologies including Systems Thinking, System Dynamics, Bayesian Modelling and Social Network Analysis and applies them to a range of problems involving ecological, social and economic aspects of human interaction with nature

Griffith Centre for Coastal Management

The Griffith Centre for Coastal Management integrates our coastal expertise with wider questions of city planning. Through rigorous research and community engagement, the Centre explores the vulnerabilities of Australian coastal cities helps them to be more resilient into the future.

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