Undertaking higher degree research with the Australian Rivers Institute

If the future health and management or our waterways is your passion, then consider undertaking higher degree research with the Australian Rivers Institute. Our researchers are leaders in the field, forging the way across a diverse range of research projects and academic discourse. If you have a specific area of interest we can help you find a prospective supervisor, check out our hot topics below to find out what PhD opportunities are available, and under our research themes to find out about our members' research interests.  Visit Griffith Experts to find out more about our members and how to contact a potential supervisor to discuss research opportunities.

Once you have obtained agreement from one of our members to supervise your research, complete an online Application for Admission and apply for the appropriate Griffith Graduate Research School scholarship.

A full list of scholarships can be found on the Research scholarships website.

Biodiversity and conservation management

Reducing risks to water security

Sustainable fisheries and coastal ecosystems

Repairing land and water systems

Connecting soil and water

Innovative approaches for monitoring and reporting

Aquatic ecosystems in a changing climate

Water and Society

Predicting water futures

Ecology of groundwater-surface water interactions

  • The ecological importance of groundwater-surface interactions across Earth's terrestrial biomes: a critical review of the literature (Honours) - Associate Professor Mark Kennard
  • Identifying the controls of carbon and nutrient processing in the hyporheic zone of upland rivers (Honours/PhD) – Associate Professor Mark Kennard
  • Developing innovative approaches for detecting and monitoring ecological responses to groundwater drawdown (Honours/PhD) – Associate Professor Mark Kennard
  • Quantifying and mapping the spatial and temporal variation in groundwater influence of Brisbane urban waterways using radon tracer measurements (Honours/PhD) – Associate Professor Mark Kennard

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