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ARI members have access to a state-of-the-art laboratories, equipment, boats, four-wheel drives and a field research station. We also offer services to external clients in the areas of stable isotope analyses. We have research facilities at Nathan (Brisbane) and the Gold Coast campuses.

Stable Isotope Laboratory (Nathan)

Providing services to internal and external clients related to the analysis of stable isotopes, such as: routine determination of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, sulfur and hydrogen stable isotope values. For more information, see here.

Molecular Ecology Laboratory (Nathan)

Facilitates molecular biology research including transcriptomics, genomics, population genetics, metabarcoding (including eDNA studies), bioinformatics and other molecular analyses. Service provision is available.

Ecology Laboratory (Nathan)

Used for field trip preparation, sample and sampling equipment storage, sample preparation, a range of simple laboratory analyses relating to algal ecology and nutrient dynamics.

Microbiology Laboratory (Nathan)

Used for algal culturing studies and algal microscopy. The laboratory is set up for undertaking standard microbiological methods, culture facilities, and a range of analyses using spectrofluorometry, PHYTOPAM fluorometry and spectroscopy.

Sediment Tracing Laboratory (Nathan)

This laboratory has equipment used for optical dating of soil and sediment samples. It has state-of-the-art preparation rooms and equipment for measuring optical stimulated luminescence of samples.

In Vitro Toxicology Laboratory (Gold Coast)

The in vitro toxicology lab is a purpose-built PC2 facility and includes equipment necessary for cell culture, toxicogenomics and in vitro toxicology.

Ecotoxicology Laboratory
(Gold Coast)

The Ecotox lab provides dedicated space to conduct freshwater and marine aquatic laboratory experiments. The facility includes a constant temperature room, glass aquaria for semi-static exposures, real time visual and electric animal behaviour monitoring equipment, YSI water quality monitoring and dissecting microscopes.

Trace Chemical Analysis Laboratory (Gold Coast)

The Trace Chemical Analysis laboratory provides a variety of instruments for analysis of trace chemicals in environmental samples (such as water, sediments, biota).

Other Gold Coast Campus laboratories and equipment

ARI manages three small research vessels for inshore and nearshore work. In addition to the facilities described above, this campus also manages enriched isotopes laboratory and radioisotope laboratory.

Bellthorpe Research Station

Located near the headwater catchments of the Brisbane and Mary rivers, Bellthorpe Research Station provides basic accommodation for ARI staff and students participating in research projects.

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Coral Reef Algae Ecology Lab (Nathan)

This laboratory is equipped to conduct research on tropical marine seaweeds and corals and has equipment used for examining algal and coral metabolism, testing impacts of ocean acidification and warming, and identification of marine plants.

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