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Australian Rivers Institute News

Scientists honoured for contributions to sustainability research

27 May 2022

Two Griffith researchers dedicated to creating a more sustainable world have been recognised for...

Unravelling how climate, pollution and runoff combine in coastal ecosystems

24 May 2022

Griffith University researchers are unravelling how stressors like climate change, pollution and...

Switching to a feral pig diet helped boost croc numbers

09 May 2022

A growing feral pig population supported the conservation success story of Australia’s largest...

GBR management methods at odds with climate change threats

03 May 2022

Study finds 30 years of management approaches do not adequately address climate change threats to...

Griffith recognised as a leader in sustainable development

28 Apr 2022

Griffith has been ranked in the global Top 100 (92) of universities globally in the Times Higher...

Ambitious conservation action sees a brighter future for mangroves and seagrass

23 Feb 2022

Ambitious restoration of mangroves and seagrasses could lead to substantial recovery of these...

MDB water rights for First Nations decrease

15 Dec 2021

Study finds indigenous water holdings drop in just 12 months. 

2021 Vice Chancellor’s Gala Award winners celebrated

26 Nov 2021

Griffith has recognised its best and brightest researchers, professional and support staff plus...

Partnership to develop products for carbon markets and nutrient management

09 Nov 2021

Griffith and emerging mineral processing tech company Zeotech have established a research program...

Poor water quality and trawling take toll on seagrass

02 Nov 2021

Researchers find poor water quality and destructive fisheries contribute to decline of vital...

Griffith hosts vital disaster debrief and planning sessions

19 Oct 2021

Disaster management experts have gathered at Griffith for the inaugural Resilience in Practice...

Unique ocean chemicals slip through the net

18 Oct 2021

The search for new natural products from the ocean is overlooking unique and potentially beneficial...

Griffith experts support reforms of Lao PDR’s water sector

13 Oct 2021

Project to support improvement of water governance and management in Lao People’s Democratic...

Three out of four turtle populations risk cadmium contamination

18 Aug 2021

Three out of four Queensland green turtle populations risk harmful effects from cadmium found a...

Lack of species depth threatens mangroves

27 Jul 2021

Limited number of invertebrate ecological roles puts mangroves at risk.

All-in-one tool streamlines molecular weight analysis

20 Jul 2021

World-first method streamlines process of identifying structure and molecular weight of compounds.

Griffith launches Australia’s first marine wildlife cell bank

15 Jul 2021

Researchers from Griffith University are looking to collect cell samples of every marine species on...

Finding the best way to a whale’s diet through its skin 

30 Jun 2021

Skin, not blubber is the most effective way of revealing migrating whales’ diet.

Submerging aquaculture cages could be the answer for fish farming

28 Jun 2021

The use of submerged cages may be the answer the aquaculture industry is looking for a new...

Coral reef ‘cement’ losing ability to tolerate heat snaps

26 May 2021

Essential reef ‘ecosystem engineers’ under threat from ocean warming and acidification.

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