This project explores applications of silicon carbide (SiC) on silicon (Si) platform technology

We are particularly interested in the energy efficiency of new devices. The application of the hybrid materials is legend and includes the areas such as:

  • semi-conductor memories
  • power-integrated electronics
  • micro electromechanical systems (MEMS)
  • growth platform for other compound materials such as GaN and as a heterojunction material for solar cell and high-gain bipolar devices.

To date, the main application has been the use of 3C SiC onto Si for memory applications and this will continue to be one of our main drivers.


These include:

  • low-temperature epitaxy of 3C SiC on Si
  • charge retention times at 85C in excess of 10 years
  • MOS purity oxides to enable quality MOS devices in SiC.

Research developments

Check out the following Griffith News highlight on the remarkable developments from our researchers.

Project team

Project leader: Professor Sima Dimitrijev.

Team members: Dr Faisal Mohd-Yasin, Dr Philip Tanner and Dr Yong Zhu.

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