Developing new, diverse energy sources and solutions

This project addresses the globally critical issue of energy storage and conversion by developing new, diverse energy sources and solutions to reduce the environmental impact of energy supply and help address climate change.

Our research focuses on topics including:

  • solid-state hydrogen storage
  • embrittlement of high-strength materials by hydrogen
  • energy-related materials such as superconductors, magnetic materials, battery materials
  • photovoltaic cells
  • modelling and simulation of materials, components and systems for energy supply (see Computational science and engineering)
  • hydrogen production
  • biophotonics.

Research outcomes in action

Based on the work of project leader and National Hydrogen Materials Reference Facility head Professor Evan Gray, solar energy powers the $40 million Sir Samuel Griffith Centre at the Nathan campus in Brisbane. The solar energy is stored in the form of hydrogen, which is used to generate electricity in hydrogen fuel cells when the sun isn't shining.

Project team

Project leader: Professor Evan Gray.

Team members: Professor Sima Dimitrijev, Dr Tim Gould, Dr Philip Tanner and Professor Xiangdong Yao.

Sir Samuel Griffith Centre - Research

Sir Samuel Griffith Centre energy system overview

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