The Queensland Microtechnology Facility is part of QMNC at Griffith University

The Facility has the support of the Queensland Government through the Smart State Research Facilities Funding Initiative and the Australian National Fabrication Facility.

The purpose-built facility provides academia and companies access to:

  • world-class SiC-on-Si material
  • high-technology equipment and facilities at low cost.

Facility features

Features of the purpose-built facility include:

  • Equipment that provides a unique integration of research flexibility and processing at semiconductor-industry standards, which is aimed at bridging the gap between university research and Industry.
  • A unique processing focus on developing SiC films on Si wafers, which aims to integrate the benefits of the standard Si technology with the superior electrical, thermal, optical, and mechanical properties of crystalline SiC.
  • Specialised equipment for epitaxial growth of SiC films on Si wafers. The standard semiconductor processes are used as a platform technology for research and development of a broad range of superior semiconductor devices, including a nonvolatile memory cell, power switches, solar cells, devices for micro-electro-mechanical systems, and optoelectronic devices.

Facility capabilities

Cleanroom design

Ball room clean room with sub-wafer fab

  • Minimise cleanroom size requirement (maximise packing density)
  • Flexibility for equipment installs
  • Lowest contamination
  • Subwafer fab:
    • air return path
    • housing for all support equipment and service infrastructure
    • semi-clean environment.

Cleanroom performance

Suitable for initial research and development

  • Lithography area:
    • class 100 improve to Class 10
    • temp 21 degree C +/- 0.2 degree C
    • relative Humidity 45% +/- 3.
  • Ball room area:
    • class 1000
    • temp 21 degree C +/- 1.
  • Flexible upgradeable path as required:
    • environment- via hanging shields from ceiling filters
    • increase number of filter units 3x
    • use of UPLA filters.

Process capability overview

  • Wafer processing (6"):
    • employ standard industrial processing technology
    • manual wafer handling
    • 200 mm compatible equipment.
  • 1.0µm lithography
  • epitaxial SiC deposition
  • full process flow as required for research and development and production
  • oxide growth, polysilicon deposition, doping
  • dielectric and metal deposition
  • plasma and wet etching.


Queensland Microtechnology Facility

Griffith University

Nathan campus

Building N74

170 Kessels Road

Brisbane Qld 4111

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