Building on Griffith's expertise, partnerships and research performance in tourism

The Griffith Institute for Tourism (GIFT) aims to undertake and disseminate groundbreaking research in tourism to effect academic and external impact. Our research strives to connect to specialist knowledge and expertise to drive innovation in the tourism sector.  Accordingly, our research programs and strategic partnerships are designed to ensure high industry and policy relevance, while producing innovative, quality research. Our research enhances links between businesses, government bodies and other research entities to solve current industry needs, and to maximise sustainability and resilience in the tourism sector.

Following the triple bottom line concept, the key areas of impact of research undertaken at GIFT reflect economic, social and environmental dimensions:

  • Business, Destination and Organisational Viability (Economy)
  • Health, Quality Experience and Wellbeing (Individuals)
  • Environmental Resilience and Nature Conservation (Environment).

Strategic research areas

Areas of particular importance are managed through our four strategic research programs. These programs encapsulate our research strengths and respond to particular needs of the tourism industry.

Research degrees

We are committed to providing a supportive and productive research environment, while driving translatable outcomes for the tourism sector.

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