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GIFT is consistently ranked amongst the top three institutions globally for tourism research as we seek to drive innovation in the tourism sector.  Sustainable tourism requires recognition of economic, social and environmental dimensions.  Research through GIFT incorporates the triple bottom line concept:

  • Business, Destination and Organisational Viability (Economy)
  • Health, Quality Experience and Wellbeing (Individuals)
  • Environmental Resilience and Nature Conservation (Environment).

Consultancy services

GIFT offers specialised consultancy to all levels of the tourism industry. Our extensive skills and understandings are founded in practically focused research  from management and utilisation of big data to future planning of sustainable practice in the light of climate change.

Extensive networking within the industry and with regulators and policy makers ensures that GIFT’s research and advice are timely and relevant in the rapidly evolving tourism sector, giving due weight to the economic, social and environmental impacts, both positive and negative, that successful and sustainable projects must take into account.

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Research in focus


This research aims to use a mixed method to review policies, strategies, approaches, interests, and barriers in engaging CALD communities in GC2018 to enhance the success of the event and enrich event legacy. The research will also develop a comprehensive model that will improve policy and practice in engaging communities for future events.

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Monitoring aesthetic value of the Great Barrier Reef

A new project funded through the National Environmental Science Program’s Tropical Water Quality Hub addresses the urgent need to understand and monitor the aesthetic value of the Great Barrier Reef.

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At GIFT, we aim to enhance partnerships and collaboration across all borders.

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