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GIFT is consistently ranked amongst the top three institutions globally for tourism research as we seek to drive innovation in the tourism sector.  Sustainable tourism requires recognition of economic, social and environmental dimensions.  Research through GIFT incorporates the triple bottom line concept:

  • Business, Destination and Organisational Viability (Economy)
  • Health, Quality Experience and Wellbeing (Individuals)
  • Environmental Resilience and Nature Conservation (Environment).

Featured Research

Binna Burra Disaster Recovery Case Study

On the 8th September, 2019, a bushfire destroyed most of the heritage listed buildings at the lodge.

This case study was prepared by Griffith Institute for Tourism based on interviews with key stakeholders in November 2019. The case study aims to document the event to share with tourism and other businesses to inform their disaster preparedness and planning in responding to similar events.


At GIFT, we aim to enhance partnerships and collaboration across all borders.

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