Bringing together natural and social science for waterway management

We synthesise natural and social science research to better inform decision making and implementation of effective management practices in complex socio-ecological systems. We work alongside scientists to help frame the benefits of scientific innovation in economic and societal terms, within the relevant legal and governance contexts.

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We adopt a ‘socio-ecological’ perspective

Interdisciplinary ‘socio-ecological’ research is used to help frame research questions and programs which address the inherent complexities and non-linearities of the hydrological cycle.

We turn scientific ‘solutions’ into effective practical outcomes

Social and economic layers are integrated with environmental predictions and scenarios so that solutions can be developed that are practical, sustainable and relevant for improving the quality of decision-making and governance related to water.

We provide a business case for repairing ecosystems

Realistic policy options are developed within economic, legal and governance frameworks to support ecosystem management and restoration. A strong business case is increasingly required for environmental intervention. We identify practical implementation mechanisms which are supported by business cases, with outcomes expressed in ecological, economic and societal terms.

We provide policy options to achieve integrated aquatic ecosystem management

A balance of voluntary and regulatory actions is usually needed for effective governance of water. We explore possible actions which may include best practice in land management, nutrient trading schemes, payments for ecosystem services and offset schemes.

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