Developing methods to protect water quality for human health

We develop methods for protecting water quality for human health in urban environments. The challenges and uncertainties of changing climate and growing urban populations make our research vital to underpin future water management. We focus on four of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG):  clean water and sanitation (6), sustainable cities and communities (11), responsible consumption and production (12) and life below water (14).

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We address the need for resilience of water supply

Good, reliable monitoring data is vital for assessing drinking water quality. We provide assessments of source water quality (e.g., in reservoirs and surface waters), monitor the effectiveness of drinking water treatment, and examine emerging contaminants like pharmaceuticals and personal care products, as well disinfection by-products, pesticides, metals, and taste and odour compounds. We provide underpinning for climate-resilient water supply based on engineered and natural alternative water sources (e.g., stormwater harvesting, water recycling, desalination).

We assess the chemical impact of wastewater and stormwater discharges on aquatic systems

Diverse point and non-point sources of contaminants need to be effectively monitored and managed. We develop novel techniques and approaches to assess the impacts of chemical pollutants on aquatic systems, including in vitro, high-throughput, effects-based assessment methods. We use these to assess the effectiveness of rehabilitation efforts, with a focus on catchment erosion and urban aquatic environments.

We specialise in integrating wetlands into urban water cycles

Wetlands provide many human services and values, as well having important ecological roles. Our contributions to understanding the spatial and temporal dynamics of wetland ecosystems and predicting their ecological responses, are complemented by understanding human values and uses of wetlands.

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