Innovative music research creating local, national and international impact

At QCRC, we continue to champion innovative music research that produces strong artistic and social outcomes across the globe.

Our diverse array of projects play a role in addressing the most challenging issues facing our generation, whether it be climate change, health equity, social justice, desistance from crime, poverty alleviation, community wellbeing or cultural sustainability.

Our research projects and outputs are well-known for their relevancy, and designed to cater to diverse audiences across the music industry, the arts and higher education sectors, as well as the broader community.

Focus areas

Discover more about our strategic approaches, innovation and collaboration across our three key research areas.

Music and Creatives

Music and creativities

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Music and communities

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Music and Livelihoods

Music and livelihoods

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Research outputs

We are committed to disseminating our research as widely as possible, through a range of rendered works, print and online mediums. Discover more about our recent findings and research outcomes through exploring our available publications below.


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