At QCRC we are educators and lifelong learners.

We seek to explore holistic ways of supporting emerging musicians, and those seeking to sustain themselves as musicians over time. We aim to explore lifelong learning processes, professional development practices, and pedagogical and curriculum approaches to fostering livelihoods, wellbeing, and artistic citizenship within a portfolio career reality.

World-class research

Collaborative projects which fall under our Music and Livelihoods focus area include the Australian Linkage Council Linkage Project Making Music Work (on successful portfolio careers for musicians), as well as three Office for Learning and Teaching projects.

Focus area co-convenor

Dr Louise Denson is a pianist and composer in jazz as well as the current QCGU HDR Convenor. She is the leader of the Louise Denson Group, musical director/pianist/vocalist in Hot Mambo, and creative collaborator with Ingrid James (vocalist).

Focus area co-convenor

Dr Donna Weston is Head of Popular Music at QCGU and has a personal commitment to supporting all kinds of music.

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