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The Queensland Conservatorium Research Centre undertakes cutting-edge research that tackles the complex and multifaceted role that music plays in contemporary society.

Through our diverse programs, community engagement initiatives and remarkable partnerships, our research is continuing to drive global impact.

We collaborate with national and international partners and stakeholders to cultivate projects that are imaginative in content and design, interdisciplinary in nature, and dedicated to addressing the pressing needs of our time.

Focus areas

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Music and Creatives

Music and creativities

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Music and communities

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Music and Livelihoods

Music and livelihoods

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Research highlights

Music as a Global Resource

QCRC is delighted to announce the launch of a special edition of ‘Music as a Global Resource’ for the UN's 75th Anniversary! This compendium features 109 music projects working across 54 countries.

As the world comes to grips with the far-reaching impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, this compendium shows the need for music, the arts, and cultural understanding has become greater than ever. The featured projects respond to this need, by exploring the vital role music can play in addressing some of the most complex cultural, social, health, educational, environmental, and economic issues facing our generation.

Making Music Work

In June 2020, QCRC launched the final industry report for the ARC Linkage project Making Music Work: Sustainable Careers for Australia Musicians.

Making Music Work has mapped the creative, social, cultural, and economic realities of the portfolio music career in Australia, and drawn on insights from over 600 musicians to provide a nuanced and granular understanding of their working lives, career trajectories, creative aspirations, and economic circumstances.

Creative barkly

Creative Barkly aims to examine how the arts and cultural sector is currently functioning in one of Australia’s most remote regions in the Northern Territory, and deliver resources and recommendations that will inform current policies, strategies and initiatives in Barkly and beyond.

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