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Australian Centre for Intellectual Property in Agriculture

The Australian Centre for Intellectual Property in Agriculture ( ACIPA ) engages in innovative, independent and critical research on intellectual property, with a particular focus on agriculture. The Centre is composed of an active research team and an advisory board of national and international experts.

Staff at the Centre hail from a range of disciplinary backgrounds including law, science, history, philosophy and sociology reflecting the Centre's commitment to interdisciplinary research.

Professor Leanne Wiseman has focused her research on the intersection of law, science and digital technologies.  She is currently researching balance Intellectual Property rights with genuine access to information, whether that be in agricultural digital technologies or more generally.  She is currently focusing on the legal and regulatory responses to the emerging International Right to Repair movement, with particular interest of its impact within agriculture.

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Institute for Ethics, Governance and Law

The Institute for Ethics, Governance and Law ( IEGL ) was established to fill an important gap in ethics, governance and law research. Through the establishment of the Institute, Griffith University became a United Nations University Associated Institution—the first in Australasia

Their members have been involved in a wide range of governance research and related issues, including research into sovereignty and the rule of law, protection of civilians, public sector governance, health governance, building the international rule of law, climate change and reconceiving the ‘good life’, intellectual property, and global financial crisis.

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