Addressing key legal priorities that reflect critical global issues

Our research vision at the Law Futures Centre is to conceive of the future of law, legal institutions, and legal education in the face of 21st Century change so that we can help society effectively address and adapt to the shocks caused by global shifts, environmental threats, and the rapid innovation of technology. We aim to conduct outstanding research—often interdisciplinary—that is responsive to domestic and global change, and harnesses the law and legal institutions as key tools for shaping the future.

We seek to extend the impact of our research by developing and sustaining mutually supportive relationships with the community, industry, and government. The Centre strives to explore variegated ways in which to progressively reform law and legal institutions with innovative and collaborative approaches that transcend state boundaries, legal jurisdictions and academic disciplinary categories.

Centre programs

Law and Nature

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Law, Governance and Global Change

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Law, Risk and Innovation

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Lawyering, Legal Education and Law's Future

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We are committed to disseminating our research as widely as possible, through our diverse range of paper series.

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