Professor Susan Forde is Director of the Griffith Centre for Social and Cultural Research, and Professor of Journalism at Griffith University, Brisbane. She is the author of 'Challenging the News: The Journalism of Alternative and Community Media' (Palgrave Macmillan 2011); and co-author of 'Journalism and Climate Crisis: Public Engagement, Media Alternatives' (Routledge 2017) and 'Developing Dialogues: Indigenous and Ethnic Community Broadcasting in Australia' (Intellect, University of Chicago Press 2009). She has authored more than 50 refereed journal articles and scholarly book chapters on community media, audience research, alternative journalism and media policy. She is Founding Editor with Professor Chris Atton of the Journal of Alternative and Community Media. She is Vice President (Research) for the Journalism Education and Research Association of Australia and in 2018 is Visiting Scholar with the Membership Puzzle Project at New York University. She worked as a journalist in both mainstream and alternative/community media sectors before joining academia.

Latest writing (March 2019): Griffith Review 63Writing the Country: ‘Pulling down fences: An oral history with Lyall Munro Jr’ (March, 2019)


Work: (07) 3735 7229


Twitter: @FordeSusan


Doctor of Philosophy,

University of Queensland, 1998

Bachelor of Arts (Hons, Class I)

University of Queensland, 1992

Visiting Scholar, The Membership Puzzle Project, Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute, New York University, January 2018

Advisory Board, Griffith Review, November 2017-present

Vice President (Research), Journalism Education and Research Association of Australia (JERAA), December 2017-present

Advisory Board, Community Communication and Alternative Media section, International Association for Media and Communication Research, July 2017-present

Founding Editor (with Professor Chris Atton), Journal of Alternative and Community Media (, Jointly published by the IAMCR’s Community Communication and Alternative Media section and the Griffith ePress, Launched Montreal, Canada July 2015

Vice-Chair (elected position), Community Communication Section, International Association of Media and Communication Research, July 2012-June 2016

Editorial Advisory Board, 3CMedia: Journal of Third Sector Media, Scholarly e-journal, published by the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia, Editor, 2006-2013

Australian Journalism Monographs Jointly published by the Journalism Education Association of Australia (now JERAA); and Griffith University, Journalism Education & Research Association of Australia, Member, Australian & New Zealand Communications Association, Member


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Other research outputs

Invited Forewords, Introductions, and Major Industry Reports

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Research-based commentary

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Inquiry submissions

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Invited speaker

67.Brisbane Writers’ Festival, 2017. Invited panellist for ‘The Media in Dangerous Times’, ‘Our Voice: Indigenous Voices in the Media’ and moderator for John Safran forum, ‘Depends What you Mean By Extremism’. September, 2017, State Library of Queensland.

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79.The Listening Practices Project, University of Sydney, Friday Oct 31, 2008. Project funded by The Cultural Research Network of the Australian Research Council, convened by Dr Penny O’Donnell (Uni. of Sydney), Dr Tanja Dreher (UTS) and Dr Justine Lloyd (Macquarie). Address on community media audience research.

Latest Writing

2019: Griffith Review 63Writing the Country: ‘Pulling down fences: An oral history with Lyall Munro Jr’ (March, 2019)


Community Broadcasting Foundation

July-December 2014

‘National Review of the Community Broadcasting Sector’s National Training Program’ $40,000

Project Leader: Assoc Professor Susan Forde

Granting body: Community Broadcasting Foundation

Department of Education (Australia)

European Commission
Jan 2015-present
Europe and Australia in the World: Reporting Political, Social and Environmental Change’ $40,000 (research component of $250,000 exchange project)
Project Leader: Professor Elizabeth Lester (UTAS); Assoc Professor Susan Forde (GU)
Granting body: Department of Education, Canberra

ARC Linkage Program

Forde, S; Foxwell, K; Meadows, M; and Burrows, E.
$202,000 over two years Our people, our pictures, our voices: Community representations of the Queensland land rights movement, 1966-2010’
Industry Partners: FAIRA Aboriginal Corporation; Waanyi Aboriginal Corporation
Granting body: Australian Research Council Host institution: Griffith University

ARC Linkage Program

Meadows, M; Forde, S; Ewart, J (with Kerrie Foxwell as Senior Research Fellow)
$455,000 over three years ‘Remote, Regional Radical: Australian Community Broadcasting Audiences Talk Back’
Industry Partners: Community Broadcasting Foundation; Community Broadcasting Association of Australia; Department of Communications Information Technology and the Arts
Granting body: Australian Research Council Host institution: Griffith University

ARC Linkage/SPIRT Program

Forde, S; Meadows, M
$109,000 over two years
‘Community radio and the public sphere’
Industry Partners: Community Broadcasting Foundation; Community Broadcasting Association of Australia; Department of Communications Information Technology and the Arts
Granting body: Australian Research Council
Host institution: Griffith University


Arts, Education & Law Short-Term Visiting Fellowship



‘Future directions for journalism in democracies: New paradigms and priorities’

Forde, S and K. Foxwell-Norton

Granting body: AEL Group, Griffith University

Host institution: Griffith University

Arts, Education & Law International Workshop Award



‘A Progressive Climate?: Australian and Canadian Alternative and Community Media Reporting of the 2015 UN Climate Change Conference, Paris’

Forde, S and K. Foxwell-Norton

Granting body: AEL Group, Griffith University

Host institution: Griffith University

GU-SFU Travel Collaborative Grant


Forde, S; K. Foxwell-Norton; B. Hackett (SFU); S. Gunster (SFU)

$10,000 Alternative and Community Media: Prospects for Climate Change Communication’

Granting body: Griffith University-Simon Fraser University

Host institution: Griffith University

GURG Program (Griffith University Researcher Grant)


Forde, S


‘The Australian Associated Press: Its historical and contemporary contribution to the news media landscape’

Granting body: Griffith University

Host institution: Griffith University


Forde, S


‘Rethinking Journalism: Investigating emerging models of news and journalism for the global community’

Granting body: Griffith University

Host institution: Griffith University


Forde, S


‘Journalists, journalism and democracy: Piloting a national survey of Australian journalists’

Granting body: Griffith University

Host institution: Griffith University

Outcome: Two (unsuccessful) ARC Discovery applications with UQ collaboration; one national refereed journal article (B); one E1 refereed conference paper.


Forde, S

$14,000 Press policy in Scandinavia and the Netherlands’

Granting body: Griffith University

Host institution: Griffith University

Outcome: Three high-quality (A* or A) refereed journal articles; one unsuccessful ARC Discovery application

ARC Small Grants scheme


Forde, S

$13,000 The Swedish press subsidies system: Information diversity and government policy’

Granting body: Australian Research Council

RhD Supervisions (Current):

Suus de groot Hueppner, PhD full-time, commenced June 2016 (co-Principal Supervision). ‘The impact of right-wing populism on Muslim and non-Muslim relations in liberal democracy’, Principal Supervisor Assoc Prof Halim Rane. Due for submission December 2019.

Erin McLean, PhD full-time, commenced January 2016 (Associate Supervision). ‘Female gamers: A media and sociological analysis of women and shooting games’, Principal Supervisor Dr Margaret Gibson, Associate Dr David Ellison. Due for submission December 2018.

Chris Thomson, PhD part-time, commenced September 2014 (Principal Supervision). “Informing mainstream journalistic practice by building an Indigenous reporting round from the ground up”, Associate Supervisors Dr Bonita Mason, Dr Kasun Ubayasiri. Due for submission September 2020.

Faith Valencia, PhD full-time, commencing May 2013 (Principal Supervision). “Work Integrated Learning and multiplatform media: A study of On Campus Learning in media production and broadcast journalism contexts”, Associate Supervisor Dr Liz Burrows. Due for submission November 2017 following leve-of-absence to take up Journalism contract position.

Ian Watson, PhD full-time, commencing 2012 (Principal Supervision). “What processes are at play in the production and broadcast of community radio in remote communities in Australia, Mexico and Canada that contribute to empowerment and the maintenance of identity?”, Associate Supervisor: Dr Kerrie Foxwell-Norton. Due for submission June 2016.

Eduardo Jordan Perez, PhD full-time, commencing 2012 (Principal Supervision). “International news coverage and the Australian media: The disappearance of World News”, combined documentary and substantial exegesis. Associate Supervisor: Dr Kasun Ubayasiri. Submitted for examination August 2017.

RhD Supervisions (to Completion):

Natcha Krisneepaiboon, PhD full-time, 2013-2017 (Principal Supervision). ‘The role of new media in multicultural Australia: A study of Thai, African and Hmong communities’, Co-Principal: Assoc Professor Halim Rane. Conferred October 2017.

Pisapat Youkongpun, PhD full-time, 2013-2017 (Principal Supervision). ‘The role of alternative media in strengthening, preserving, and promoting identity and culture: A case study in eastern Thailand’, Co-Principal Supervisor Assoc Professor Halim Rane. Conferred July 2017.

Niels Kraaier, PhD full-time (Principal Supervision). ‘A political and cultural analysis of Public Relations in government communication in Australia and the Netherlands’, Associate Supervisors: Dr Hamish McLean, Dr Paul Williams. Conferred May 2017.

Khalid Alahamoud, PhD full-time, 2009-2014 (Associate Supervision). ‘The Impact of Culture on Online Journalism in Saudi Arabia, Principal Supervisor: Prof Michael Meadows. Conferred August, 2014.

Elizabeth Burrows PhD part-time, 2005-2009 (Principal Supervision), ‘Writing to be Heard: The Role of the Indigenous Print Media in the Establishment of an Indigenous Public Sphere’, present position: Lecturer in Journalism and Communications, School of Humanities, Griffith University, Gold Coast.

Dr Kerrie Foxwell PhD full-time, 2000-2006 (Associate Supervision), ‘A discursive analysis of Coastcare’, degree conferred present position: Lecturer in Social Enterprise and Journalism Studies, School of Humanities, Griffith University, Gold Coast.

Dr Heather Anderson PhD full-time, 2004-2008 (Associate Supervision), ‘The role of prisoners’ programs and community radio in Australia and Canada’, degree conferred, present position: Lecturer in Journalism, Griffith University, Gold Coast.

Dr Kitty van Vuuren PhD full-time, 2001-2004 (Associate Supervision), ‘Community radio and communitarian values’, present position: Lecturer in Journalism, University of Queensland.