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Our researchers cover a wide range of humanities and social science disciplines including history, sociology, literature, media and communications, migration, security studies, archaeology, cultural studies, and politics. Our researchers use the following broad interdisciplinary themes to inspire new research ideas: Heritage and Well-being; History, Media and Change; Language, Culture and Belonging; Mobilities, Communities and In/securities


Dr Heather Anderson

Dr Heather Anderson is a Senior Lecturer in journalism with the School of Humanities, Languages and Social Science. Her research focuses on community radio and alternative media, with a  specialised interest in prisoner radio and action research methodologies

Associate Professor Maxime Aubert

Maxime Aubert is an archaeologist and geochemist that specialises in the development and application of analytical techniques to key questions in human evolution such as the dating of rock art and hominin fossils

Dr Bridget Backhaus

Bridget Backhaus is a lecturer in journalism and communications. Her research explores the intersections of voice, listening, and social change in community media

Professor Sarah Baker

Sarah Baker is Professor of Cultural Sociology researching the institutions of popular music heritage and the community heritage sector. She is currently completing research funded by the ARC which explores the contributions of volunteer communities and enthusiast expertise to the preservation of popular music artefacts

Dr Debbie Bargallie

Debbie is a descendent of the Kamilaroi and Wonnarua peoples of New South Wales. She is a Postdoctoral Senior Research Fellow with the Griffith Institute for Educational Research, Griffith University and is also a member of the Griffith Centre for Social and Cultural Research. Debbie is a multidisciplinary researcher and cover the areas of sociology, social and political science, law, critical Indigenous studies and education with a focus on race and racism.

Dr Christine Barrett

Christine Feldman-Barrett is a Lecturer in Sociology. Her work examines the histories of youth and popular music. She is author of We Are the Mods and editor of Lost Histories of Youth Culture

Professor Andy Bennett

Andy Bennett is professor of Cultural Sociology and is a leading international figure in sociological studies of popular music and youth culture. He has authored and edited more than 25 books on topics related to Popular Music and Youth Culture themes

Professor Susan Best

Susan Best is professor of art history and theory, her research focuses on critical theory and modern and contemporary art. She is a fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities

Dr Sally Breen

Sally Breen is a Senior Lecturer in Writing and Publishing in the School of Humanities, Languages and Social Science and fiction editor of Griffith REVIEW. Her expertise is in Literature and Creative Writing

Associate Professor Bruce Buchan

Bruce Buchan's research expertise is in Western political thought and its history, International relations theory, Theories of violence, war and civilisation, punishment and policing, Early Australian colonial history and its global context

Dr Elizabeth Burrows

Elizabeth Burrows is a Senior Lecturer and Convenor at the School of Humanities, Languages and Social Science. Her research interests includes Public Sphere, Social movements, Indigenous print and Social media

Dr Laini Burton

Dr Laini Burton is Senior Lecturer at the Queensland College of Art where she is the Convenor of Higher Degree Research Programs. Her research interests centre on body politics, bio-art and design, contemporary art practise and criticism, fashion theory, performance and body/spatial relations. In particular, her focus lies in the historical dimension and contemporary applications of new technologies in art and design, including areas such as embodiment and technology, and the shaping of identities and everyday life through creative practices. Laini's research activities reflect an ongoing desire for broad involvement in industries centred on art and design dialogues.

Dr Tristan Casey

Dr Tristan Casey is a Lecturer at Griffith University’s Safety Science Innovation Lab and co-founder of boutique consultancy ‘The Culture Effect’. Dr Casey is an experienced Organisational Psychologist with extensive experience in work health and safety, and has a particular interest in leadership and culture. Dr Casey teaches the Safety Leadership programme at Griffith University alongside Prof Sidney Dekker and Dr Drew Rae, and has a high research and industry profile, having done numerous presentations and keynotes at academic and applied conferences

Dr Stuart Cooke

Stuart Cooke is a Senior Lecturer in creative writing and literary studies, and an Associate Program Director (Gold Coast Campus) for the Bachelor of Arts. Stuart convenes courses in the Creative Writing, Indigenous Studies and Literary Studies majors

Dr Mike Davis

Mike Davis is a Senior Lecturer in History at the School of Humanities, Languages and Social Science. He currently teaches Australia and the World

Professor Sidney Dekker

Sidney Dekker is a professor of Humanities and Social Science. He is the founder of the Safety Science Innovation Lab at Griffith and is a Chief Scientist at Art of Work. He is an international expert on human factors and safety

Dr Peter Denney

Peter Denney is a Senior Lecturer in History. His research expertise is in both the history and literature of Britain in the long eighteenth century. In this context, he has written about poverty, landscape, the senses, empire, radicalism and working-class poetry.

Associate Professor Catherine Dhavernas

Catherine Dhavernas is an Associate Professor in the School of Humanities, Languages and Social Science

Professor Gerry Docherty

Gerry Docherty is Professor and Dean (Research) in the Arts, Education & Law academic group. A common strand through his research is a focus on quantitative acoustic analysis of aspects of speech to better understand the nature of phonetic variability and its implications for phonetic theory

Dr Adis Duderija

Adis is Lecturer in Islam and Society at Griffith University. His research expertise are in contemporary Islam and western Muslims identity construction

Dr Susana Eisenchlas

Susana Eisenchlas is a Senior Lecturer in Linguistics/Applied Linguistics. Her expertise is in Applied Linguistics, Bilingualism and multilingualism, Gender and Language, Intercultural communication and International education

Dr David Ellison

David Ellison is a senior lecturer in Literacy studies in the School of Humanities, Languages and Social Science

Dr Ben Fenton-Smith

Ben is a Senior Lecturer in linguistics and program director of the Bachelor of Social Science. His primary research interest is discourse studies, including critical discourse analysis, systemic functional linguistics, and rhetorical approaches to politics and public discourse

Professor Mark Finnane

Mark Finnane is ARC Laureate Fellow at Griffith University, Professor of History in the School of Humanities, and a member of the Griffith Criminology Institute. Mark’s doctoral research on mental illness is the foundation for his later work on the history of policing, punishment and criminal justice

Professor Elisabeth Findlay

Elisabeth is currently the Director, Queensland College of Art (QCA). Prior to this appointment she was the Director (International) for Arts, Education and Law and had responsibility for recruiting and supporting international students, as well as managing the outward mobility for domestic students. In 2017 she was appointed as a Visiting Professor of Shandong University of Arts. From 2015 to 2017, Elisabeth was the Deputy Director (Learning and Teaching) at QCA, a leadership role in which she had oversight of the curriculum and the student experience for approximately 2,500 undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Professor John Flood

John Flood is a sociologist and lawyer who is fascinated by the sociology of the professions, especially legal; the organisation and work of law firms and lawyers; globalisation; the impact of technology, and most recently the medicalisation of cannabis

Professor Susan Forde

Susan Forde is Director of the Griffith Centre for Social and Cultural Research. Her work focuses on community and alternative media and she is interested in connections between protest, social movements and media

Associate Professor Kerrie Foxwell-Norton

Kerrie Foxwell-Norton lectures in Journalism, Media and Communication. Her research interests focus upon environmental communication, with a special interest in coastal and marine communities and their environments in Australia and the Asia Pacific

Professor Simone Fullagar

Simone Fullagar, FAcSS, is Professor of Sport Management (gender equity in sport). As an interdisciplinary sociologist Simone’s research explores issues related to gender inequality in sport and physical cultures, as well as embodied health and mental health, using post qualitative, feminist new materialist approaches

Dr Margaret Gibson

Dr Margaret Gibson is a cultural sociologist at Griffith University who researches physical and digital practices, objects at rituals of commemorative culture, mourning and memorialisation

Professor Cliff Goddard

Cliff Goddard is a Professor of Linguists at Griffith University, working at the intersection between language, meaning and culture

Dr Linda Hassall

Linda Hassall is a Senior Lecturer and member of the Contemporary Performance and Applied Theatre Department at Griffith University. Her research and writing interests include themes of inheritance of landscape from a white female perspective

Dr Amanda Howell

Amanda Howell teaches screen studies in the School of Humanities, Languages, and Social Sciences. She is also the Higher Degree Research Program Director for the Arts, Education, and Law group. Her academic publications focus on gender, genre, and screen aesthetics

Dr Jillian Huntley

Jillian is a Research Fellow at the Place, Evolution and Rock Art Heritage Unit. Currently she is a part of Australian Laureate Fellowship, Australian Rock Art History, Conservation and Indigenous Wellbeing. She specialises in the scientific analysis of rock art and the shelter/cave environments that house it

Dr Andrea Jalandoni

Andrea is an archaeologist focused on rock art recording, enhancement, and analysis. Her research interests include combining remote sensing with photogrammetry for developing cost-effective solutions for rock art studies. She works with local communities in the Philippines, Micronesia, and Australia

Dr Guido Carim Junior

Guido Carim Junior is a senior lecturer in Aviation in the School of Engineering and Built Environment. Guido is an early career safety researcher at Griffith University

Dr Wendy Keys

Wendy Keys is a Senior Lecturer whose research is interdisciplinary adopting an approach that integrates industry and cultural analysis and is informed by contemporary debates in audience theory, media, communication and cultural studies, aesthetics and ethics, political economy, human geography and sociology

Professor Nigel Krauth

Nigel Krauth is a Professor and Head of the Creative Writing program. His research interests lie in Australian Literature, Creative Writing, Children's Literature and South Pacific Literatures

Dr Chari Larsson

Chari lectures on modern and contemporary art at Queensland College of Art, Griffith University. Her research focuses on theories of images and representation.

Professor Chris Lee

Chris is currently writing a critical study of the work of Roger McDonald and collaborating with Bryce Barker and Lara Lamb (USQ) on a project which repatriates the photographs and films of Frank Hurley amongst the peoples of the Gulf region of Papua New Guinea

Dr Monique Lewis

Monique is a Lecturer with an academic background in sociology and media studies, and a professional background in public relations and media communication practice. Her research spans across media, health & medicine, and risk sociologies

Dr Heron Loban

Dr Heron Loban is a Torres Strait Islander woman with family connections to Mabuiag and Boigu. Dr Loban is an academic, former lawyer and expert in Indigenous law and justice issues. As a lawyer she practiced in commercial law, native title law and criminal law. Dr Loban also has held a number of key positions in community-based, not-for-profit companies and sat on numerous State, Territory and Commonwealth advisory committees on a range of issues relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across Australia. Her research focuses on consumer protection and Indigenous people and communities.

Mr Duncan McConnell

Duncan is a consultant and part-time paramedic who utilises over 23 years of experience within pre-hospital care, management, GLNG mining and ICT industries to achieve innovation, transformational change and ongoing professional development that achieves a clear, practical and client focused approach. Currently he is working at Griffith University as a Senior Lecturer and is the Foundational Director of Paramedicine in the School of Medicine and Dentistry.

Dr Robert Mason

Robert is a Senior Lecturer in Migration and Security Studies. He is also Convenor of Higher Degrees by Research in the School of Humanities, Languages and Social Science. His research focuses on how societies experience and discuss historical and contemporary violence through the study of memory and heritage

Dr Sally May

Sally May is a Senior Research Fellow with the Place, Evolution and Rock Art Heritage Unit. Her rock art research focuses on the cultural and social information that is encoded in rock art and especially the unique information available from the depiction of rock art scenes

Dr Tim Maloney

Tim is a research fellow working on the archaeology of Borneo, under the project: The unknown ‘Ice Age’ artists of Borneo – (FT170100025). Tim's archaeological research interests and skills are primarily stone tool analyses and how ancient tool variability can be used to model and test lifeways of people throughout human evolution and into the recent past. As the most abundant evidence of human life in the past, scientific analysis of stone tools provide key insight into human evolution, the colonization of our region, hunter-gather lifeways, and innovation of different hunting technologies.

Troy Meston

Troy Meston is a Gamilleroi lecturer in the final stages of his PhD. His work investigates how a techno/cultural interface might become a vital tool for supporting Indigenous learners in future Australian classrooms.

Professor Julian Meyrick

Julian Meyrick is a theatre historian and cultural policy analyst, as well as an award-winning theatre director. Previously he was Associate Director and Literary Advisor at Melbourne Theatre Company, where he was responsible for establishing Hard Lines, a new play development programme.

Professor Meyrick has published widely on the Australian theatre, culture, and cultural policy. Professor Meyrick is Artistic Counsel for the State Theatre Company of South Australia and a member of the Currency House editorial board. The Retreat of Our National Drama, his second Currency House Platform Paper, was published in 2014.

Natalie Osbourne

Natalie is a Lecturer in the School of Environment at Griffith University, teaching and researching in the areas of urban and environmental planning and critical human geography.

Emeritus Professor Fiona Paisley

Fiona Paisley is a historian who works on international history, transnational history, and settler colonial history with a particular interest in critics of empire and liberal progressive actors in interwar international networks

Dr Adele Pavlidis

Adele Pavlidis is an interdisciplinary sociologist and leading Australian sports feminist. She has recently completed an ARC DECRA project on women and contact sport in Australia. She is now a Senior Lecturer in Sociology in the School of Humanities, Languages and Social Sciences and has published two books and numerous articles on gender and sport.

Professor Mark Pearson

Mark Pearson is Professor of Journalism and Social Media. His fields of expertise are media and social media law and regulation, journalism ethics, media freedom and mindful journalism

Professor Barbara Pini

Barbara Pini is a professor in the School of Humanities at Griffith University. Her research has largely been in the field of rural studies with work on gender and rurality, sexuality and rurality, and disability and rurality

Dr Drew Rae

Drew Rae is Associate Editor of the journal “Safety Science”, and Manager of the Safety Science Innovation Lab at Griffith University. Drew’s research brings a critical cross-disciplinary approach the examination of myths, rituals and bad habits that surround safety practice

Associate Professor Halim Rane

Halim Rane is an Associate Professor of Islamic-West relations whose research focuses on contemporary Islamic thought and Muslim communities

Dr Samantha Rarrick

Samantha Rarrick is a linguist and lecturer in the School of Humanities, Languages, and Social Science. Her research aims to document and preserve endangered spoken and signed languages. Currently, she is working with two endangered languages of the Kere community (Papua New Guinea): Kere and Sinasina Sign Language

Professor Julianne Schultz

Julianne Schultz AM FAHA is the publisher and founding editor of Griffith Review and Professor of Media and Culture in of the Griffith University Centre for Social and Cultural Research. She is a member of advisory boards with a particular focus on education, journalism, arts and culture

Dr Yorick Smaal

Yorick Smaal is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Humanities, Languages and Social Science. His research interests are sex and gender, crime and punishment, war and society

Professor Tanya Smith

Tanya Smith is a Professor researching in the evolution and development of the human dentition. She works to refine knowledge of the poorly understood processes of dental development and growth and clarify how dental tissues may resolve taxonomic, phylogenetic, and developmental questions about great apes and humans. She is the recipient of an ARC Future Fellowship, 2021-2024.

Dr Samid Suliman

Samid Suliman is a lecturer in Migration and Security in the School of Humanities, Languages and Social Science. His expertise is in Globalisation and Culture, Political Science, Climate Change and Postcolonial Studies

Professor Paul Tacon

Paul Taçon is an ARC Australian Laureate Fellow (2016-2021), Chair in Rock Art Research and Professor of Anthropology and Archaeology. He also directs Griffith University’s Place, Evolution and Rock Art Heritage Unit and leads the Heritage & Wellbeing research theme in the GCSCR

Professor Sue Trevaskes

Sue Trevaskes is Deputy Head of School (Research) in the School of Humanities, Languages and Social Science and Deputy Director of the Griffith Centre for Social and Cultural Research. She researches in the area of Chinese criminal justice, governance and law

Dr Kasun Ubayasiri

Kasun Ubayasiri is a lecturer in journalism and a former Sri Lankan journalist. His research focuses on the role of news media in armed conflict; media coverage of human rights issues; media censorship and its impact on democratic accountability

Dr Faith Valencia-Forrestor

Faith Valencia-Forrester is a Senior Lecturer, and currently Director of the Service Learning Unit at Griffith University. Faith also lectures in journalism and specialises in designing and developing authentic university-led work-integrated learning (WIL) experiences that make a difference. Faith has combined her media experience, degrees in Arts, Law and Business, and completed her PhD in inclusive work-integrated learning with a view to developing an inclusive and diverse media cohort capable of changing the media landscape for the better. Her work focuses on social justice and actively demonstrates inclusion and equity in media representation. Her research into WIL has been instrumental in developing engaged connections between the university and the community.

Dr Marcus Waters

Marcus Waters is a lecturer in the School of Humanities, Languages and Social Science. He teaches Youth and Society, Writing for Performance and Screenwriting

Dr Paul Williams

Dr Paul Williams is a Senior Lecturer in politics and journalism at Griffith University's School of Humanities, with a special research interest in Australian federal and state elections and voter behaviour


The Griffith Centre for Social and Cultural Research runs a program for postdoctoral researchers whereby we invite them to be resident in the Centre for a period of time to build track record and research profile. Our current Resident Adjuncts working on a variety of projects from the disciplines of media, history, sociology, security studies, and Islamic studies are:


  • Rebecca Kinaston
  • Maria Kottermair
  • Anne Leitch
  • Annemarie McLaren
  • Dr Hamish McLean
  • Dr Eleanor Morecroft
  • Dani Newman
  • Dr Raphael Nowak
  • Maria Ota
  • Jenny Penton
  • Rhiannon Phillips
  • Hafsa Pirzada
  • Dr David Provan
  • Dr Eduardo Perez
  • Dr Sara Riva
  • Dr Laura Rodriguez-Castro
  • Professor John Schofield
  • Dr Pindi Setiawan
  • Dr Persephone Sextou
  • Dr Kristy Seymour
  • Kelly Shoecraft
  • Dr Anne Stuart
  • Dr Karen Stollznow
  • Luke Taylor
  • Robin Trotter
  • Ian Watson
  • Dr Ashleigh Watson
  • Tintin Wulia

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