Deepening our understanding of issues confronting contemporary society

The Griffith Centre for Social and Cultural Research (GCSCR) is dedicated to increasing our understanding of current challenges facing the modern world. Through the application of innovative humanities and social science research, incorporating the knowledge of academics from a broad range of interrelated disciplines, we are at the cutting edge of humanities and social science discourse. Our Centre's research is focused on the following contemporary themes: History, Media and Change; Mobilities, Communities and In/securities; Heritage and Wellbeing; Language, Culture and Belonging.

Research Themes

History media and change

History, media and change

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Mobilities, communities and In/securities

Mobilities, communities and in/securities

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Language, culture and belonging

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Heritage and well-being

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Recent Highlights

A huge congratulations to Centre Member Andrea Jalandoni on being awarded a 2020 Humanities Travelling Fellowship for her project "Lost and Found Chamorro Cultural Heritage: Using Lidar to Find Archaeological Sites on Guam, Marianas uses lidar, a remote sensing technique, to assess existing archival research, acquire and analyse new lidar data, and conduct fieldwork in the Mariana islands to verify potential archaeological sites". Read more here.

Griffith University organisational psychologist and GCSCR Centre Member Dr Tristan Casey has been awarded an Advance Queensland Fellowship to help key employment sectors develop resilience amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are so excited to announce the success of Centre member Professor Tanya Smith on being awarded an ARC Future Fellowship for her project titled ‘Illuminating behavioural and environmental influences on human development’.

Upcoming events

GCSCR Roundtable Series

The Roundtable Series: Mediatisation Research: Digital Methods and Theories. 25 September 2020

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GCSCR History Seminar Series

History Seminar Series with Robert Mason, Marc Gibert and Athanasios Antonopoulos. September 25, 2020

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GCSCR/ARCHE & PERAHU Seminar - Eline Schotsmans

From flesh to bone: conducting forensic experiments at the Australian Facility for Taphonomic Experimental Research (AFTER) for a better understanding of archaeo-anthropology and mortuary sequences in the Neolithic Near East presented by Eline Schotsmans. October 8, 2020

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AAWP Conference 2020

Rising Tides: AAWP Conference 2020

25th Australasian Association of Writing Programs Conference being held at Griffith University. 16 - 18 November 2020

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