We help bridge the gap between workplace research, practice and policy

Our team of experts use rigorous academic processes to bridge the gap between workplace research, practice and policy to help meet the demands of a constantly changing and adapting business world.

We explore and utilise macro (international, societal, organisational) and micro (individual) level research around key contemporary workforce issues such as emotion; employee voice; collectivism; health and safety; wellbeing; equity, diversity and gender; and the management of human capital at work.

COVID-19 Resources

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting all of our families, businesses, communities, and our Australian way of life. During this challenging time, our team comprising of more than 25 professional researchers working across a range of disciplines, have compiled a list of resources to support individuals and organisations.

Effects on inter/national infrastructure

Leadership in turbulent times

Mental health

Professional development during COVID-19

Publications and resources

Returning to work post-pandemic

Working remotely

Our expertise

Diversity at work

Investigating issues of equity, diversity and gender in employment relating to legislative, social and economic concerns.

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Emotion at work

Investigating how emotions impact workplace relations and thoughts, attitudes and behaviour at work.

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Employee voice at work

Exploring the ways and means through which employees attempt to have a say and influence organisational affairs.

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Managing change at work

A major expectation of organisational leaders and human resource management is to provide direction; thus, leaders have important roles in managing change.

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The future of work

Changes in employment approaches have occurred alongside significant workforce demographic changes globally, changing labour mobility, work arrangements, and technological advances.

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Wellbeing at work

Focusing on issues affecting the psychological and physical wellbeing of employees at work.

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