Take your research to the next level with the Centre for Work, Organisation and Wellbeing

We have more than 25 PhD candidates undertaking a thesis aligned with our research and under the supervision of our staff. If you have an honours or masters by research degree in related fields, you can apply to do a PhD under the supervision of a WOW centre member. Candidates’ whose principal supervisor is a member of WOW are eligible to apply to the Centre.

How do I apply?

Contact the relevant research convenor for the School or Department in which potential supervisors may be located and to discuss your research project:

Current members

Fiona Archontoulis (Student Representative)

To what extent do workload management systems allow frontline managers better opportunities to support employee work–related stress. // Supervisors: Rebecca Loudoun, Keith Townsend

Jessica Blomfield

Emotional regulation in sustainability change agents – a strategy for success. // Supervisors: Peter Jordan, Ashlea Troth

Angela Bowles

HRM’s role in driving engagement – individual and organisational level engagement. // Supervisors: Keith Townsend, Adrian Wilkinson

Rebecca Cozens

An exploration of study abroad as a modern student engagement and retention strategy for Australian universities. // Supervisor: Ashlea Troth

Corie Duff

A case study of mid-level leadership within an Australian heavy industry project environment. // Supervisors: Kate Hutchings, Mohan Thite

Negar Faaliyat

The probability of unemployment for Middle Eastern female skilled migrants in Australia. // Supervisor: David Peetz

Rosa Faaliyat

Australian organisations and their multicultural diverse workforce practices. // Supervisor: David Peetz

Sheetal Gai

To explore and understand life stress among expatriates working in the ICT sector and examine potential intervention programs and its benefits for successful expatriate experience. // Supervisors: Paula Brough, Elliroma Gardiner

Annetta (Joy) Ganter

Followership: A study of workplace interactions and organisational climate // Supervisor: Elliroma Gardiner

Jane Gifkins

Fatigue and recovery in shiftworking nurses. // Supervisors: Rebecca Loudoun, Keith Townsend

William Gunawan

The development and validation of a perceived future employability scale for young adults. // Supervisors: Peter Creed, Ian Glendon

Leah Hague

Greenspace: effects on mental health and wellbeing at work. // Supervisors: Paula Brough, Ralf Buckley

Alan Hudson

Emotions in leadership. // Supervisors: Peter Jordan, Ashlea Troth

Farid Irshaid

Human resource management in the Palestinian public sector or not–for–profit leadership. // Supervisors: Kate Hutchings, Wayne O’Donohue

Maria Khan

Exploring to what extent do social media platforms facilitate employee voice. // Supervisors: Adrian Wilkinson, Paula Mowbray

Dan Henning Langerud

Entitlement perceptions among employees. // Supervisors: Peter Jordan, Amanda Biggs

Kfir Levin

Study crafting in higher education // Supervisor: Peter Creed, Liz Jones

Rachel Morrow

Health and work engagement in emergency services: Understanding the impact of multi-level employee needs and work expectations when there is disconnect. // Supervisors: Paula Brough, Amanda Biggs

Kathryn Moura

Experiencing and responding to anger at work. // Supervisors: Peter Jordan, Ashlea Troth

Vishal Rana

Perceptions of injustice and proactive work behaviour: mediating role of emotions. // Supervisors: Peter Jordan, Alannah Rafferty

Mitchell Raper

Occupational stress and coping: Understanding how daily job stressors and future-oriented coping impact employee emotions and cognitions. // Supervisors: Paula Brough, Amanda Biggs

Jason Spedding

Investigating distributed leadership emergence and its effects on organisational performance and wellbeing. // Supervisor: Paula Brough

Lorraine Tulele

Impact of employer attitude on Indigenous Australia’s employment experience and skill acquisition in the private sector. // Supervisor: Michael Barry

Yunong (CJ) Wang

The influence of frontline managerial compassion in alleviating employee suffering. // Supervisors: Sandra Lawrence, Wayne O’Donohue

Meet your student representative

The Centre’s HDR Student Representative is Fiona Archontoulis. Her appointment as such is one of service to the University and aims to give the HDR student’s affiliated with the Centre a voice on matters pertaining to its remit to offer a collegial environment of focused research activity in which they can participate and exchange ideas. Fiona is also a member of the Centre’s Steering Committee in the same capacity. Here she extends a brief welcome:

"A little bit about me… I have enjoyed an association with Griffith University since commencing a part time Master of Business Administration (whilst working for Brisbane City Council) around 2002. I graduated in 2005, became a member of Griffith Alumni and returned to Griffith for further studies in 2013, graduating with First Class Honours MBA Advanced in 2015. I am currently half way through a PhD, researching workload allocation systems within academia and how they are utilised to support workplace health and wellbeing. My supervisors are Associate Professor Rebecca Loudon and Associate Professor Keith Townsend. 

I have also been fortunate to have been associated with the Centre for Work, Organisation and Wellbeing (WOW) for several years and have valued the first hand exposure to the exciting and interesting research conducted by visiting and resident scholars... 

WOW members are privileged to take advantage of regular Centre activities, such as regular theme and skill-based workshops and seminars, delivered by internal and external presenters. In addition to these activities, the WOW Centre provides invaluable support for HDR students who are WOW members, such as the PhD Conference Support Scheme grant....It also provides the intellectual environment for research trainees and early career researchers to aspire to research productivity through inviting them to deliver or attend seminars.

[If eligible], I would therefore encourage you to become a member...and actively engage in WOW activities. These are brilliant opportunities to assist in your own personal and professional development...

I look forward to seeing you all at WOW's seminars and events during 2018 and meeting with you at other regular HDR information sessions. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions regarding WOW membership. My email address is Fiona.archontoulis@griffithuni.edu.au."

Fiona Archontoulis

(Please note, Fiona is WOW's HDR Representative, not the GBS or ERHR HDR Representative)

Recent PhD graduations

Dr Safa Riaz, December 2019 - “An investigation of how human resource management philosophy and human resource management strength influence high-performance work systems outcomes"

Dr Qian Yi Lee, December 2019 - "A systems perspective of performance management in the Singapore public sector"

Dr Carolina Bouten-Pinto, July 2019 - "Culturewise practice - A new approach to leadership In culturally diverse organisations"

Dr Shirley Chan, July 2019 - "University academics' workplace well-being: A comparative study in Australia and Malaysia"

Dr Indira Samaru, July 2019 - "A critical examination of enablers and constraints of employee involvement in a unionised Canadian higher education environment"

Dr Harum Apriyanti, July 2018 - "The perceptions of the impact of social capital on expatriate work and wellbeing in the resources sector in Indonesia"

Dr Mahan Poorhosseinzadeh, July 2018 - "Women in senior management positions in Australia and the concept of the ‘Ideal Manager’"


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