Evidence-based research on the modern workforce

Our research examines six key contemporary workforce issues to help us understand how organisations and individuals are responding to the demands of a constantly changing business environment.

Research expertise

Diversity at work

Investigating issues of equity, diversity and gender in employment relating to legislative, social and economic concerns.

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Employee voice at work

Exploring the ways and means through which employees attempt to have a say and influence organisational affairs.

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Emotion at work

Investigating how emotions impact workplace relations and thoughts, attitudes and behaviour at work.

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Managing change at work

A major expectation of organisational leaders and human resource management is to provide direction; thus, leaders have important roles in managing change.

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The future of work

Changes in employment approaches have occurred alongside significant workforce demographic changes globally, changing labour mobility, work arrangements, and technological advances.

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Wellbeing at work

Focusing on issues affecting the psychological and physical wellbeing of employees at work.

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Research projects

We undertake numerous research projects related to our areas of study. These are aimed at investigating issues facing modern workplaces.

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