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Academic staff

Professor Michael Barry

Employer behaviour and strategy, employee representation and voice and employer association renewal.

Dr Amanda Biggs​

Organisational behaviour and performance, work-life balance and bullying and harassment at work​.

Professor Bradley Bowden

Labour and management history, mining industry and child labour.

Professor Paula Brough

Occupational stress and coping, psychological health of high-risk workers and work-life balance​.

Dr Carys Chan

Work–life interface, flexible/remote working, self-efficacy, work-related stress and burnout, and leader–subordinate interactions.

Professor Peter Creed

Career psychology, organisational psychology and occupational wellbeing.

Professor David Grant

Authentic leadership, digital disruption in HRM and organisational discourse analysis.

Professor Kate Hutchings​

Expatriate management, women in international management and HRM in developing economies.

Associate Professor Liz Jones

Organisational change and development, health organisation communication, particularly in neonatal nurseries

Professor Peter Jordan

Performance in work teams, emotional intelligence and toxic emotions at work.

Professor Bruce Kaufman

Wage determination, labour-management relations and institutional and behavioural economics.

Professor Ruth McPhail

International HRM, LGBT expatriates, LBGTI elders and aged care, student success, educating adults and first year [tertiary study] preparation and transition.

Dr Paula Mowbray

Employee participation, employee voice, and people and performance management.

Professor David Peetz​

Collective bargaining, Asian employment relations and employment legislation, regulation and reform.

Associate Professor Alannah Rafferty

Transformational leadership, abusive supervision and organisational behaviour and change​.

Dr Mary Rogers

Occupational values, personality and career development​.

Dr Stephanie Schleimer

Strategic alliances, product/ service innovation and k​nowledge transfer and absorption.

Dr Sudong Shang

Work-life conflict in diversity, responsible leadership and leadership capital.

Professor Emeritus Glenda Strachan

Work and careers in Australian universities, managing diversity and equal opportunity and women and work.

Associate Professor Mohan Thite

Strategic HRM, digital HRM, Indian multinational companies, global talent management via services offshoring and skilled migration.

Professor Keith Townsend

Line managers/ front line managers, management union relations/ partnerships, and employee involvement and participation.

Professor Ashlea Troth

Emotions in tea​ms, performance in teams and employee wellbeing.

Professor Adrian Wilkinson

Employee voice, high performance workplaces and international human resource management.

Dr Darren Wishart

Organisational psychology, organisational citizenship behaviour, organisational culture, driving behaviour safety, employee wellbeing, safety culture.

Dr Matthew Xerri

Employee cognitions and positive organisational behaviour in health and aged care, as well as public management.


Professor Peter Ackers

Employee voice and union management partnership, and pluralist industrial relations theory in an historical perspective

Associate Professor Ariel Avgar

Employment relations in the healthcare industry, organisational conflict and its management, and alternative dispute resolution.

Professor Catherine Cassell

Qualitative research methods, organisational change, learning and innovation, and dignity, diversity and fair treatment at work.

Professor Fang Lee Cooke

Management of MNEs​, particularly in China, strategic HRM and Chinese international migrant workers.

Professor Pauline Dibben

Employment relations in Africa and job retention for those with disabilities, long-term health conditions​.

Professor Yvonne due Billing

Ethics, justice and leadership, and gender​ and identity in organisations.

Emeritus Professor David E. Guest

Organisational psychological, employee motivation and commitment and careers​.

Professor Xu Huang

Leadership, power, proactive and abnormal work behaviour, employee wellbeing, cross-cultural psychology, and management in issues in China.

Professor Bruce Kaufman

Wage determination, labour-management relations and institutional and behavioural economics.

Dr Ashlea Kellner

HRM in the franchise relationship, high performance HRM in healthcare and youth employment.

Professor Aoife McDermott

Employment relationships, organizational change, health service organisation and delivery.

Professor Gregor Murray

Comparative evaluation of union renewal, globalisation and labour regulation and collective bargaining trends.

Professor Karina Nielsen

Design, implementation and evaluation of participatory organisational interventions, sustainable return to work and leadership and wellbeing.

Dr Mahan Poorhosseinzadeh

Women in senior management positions in Australia and the concept of the 'ideal manager'.

Professor Judith Pringle

Women’s experiences in organisations, diversity at work and intersections of social identities​.

Professor Jason Shaw

​Employee merit pay, compensation, benefits, organisational behaviour and research methods.

Dr Edwin Trevor-Roberts

Careers, future of work, leadership development and culture.

Professor Geoffrey Wood

Institution crisis and change, and relationship between corporate governance, finance, work and employment relations.

Research Assistants

  • Vicki Anderson
  • Aldrich Guarin
  • Dan Henning Langerud
  • Qian Yi Lee
  • Jemima Mason
  • Vishal Rana
  • Adam Robertson
  • Jason Spedding
  • Kevin You

Centre Staff

Chantal Gallant, Centre Manager

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