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The Menzies Health Institute Queensland (MHIQ) undertakes research across the lifecycle to identify key factors that influence health. From this we develop and test strategies to improve health and wellbeing for individuals, families and communities.

With exceptional biomedical, nursing, allied health, social and behavioural scientists, clinical researchers and research candidates, Griffith’s MHIQ has achieved remarkable outcomes.

Four overarching programs—Disability and Rehabilitation, EPIC Health Systems, Healthcare Practice and Survivorship, and Infectious Diseases and Immunology—encapsulate our research strengths and align with local and national health priorities. Underpinning the work of these programs is a focus on innovation, data science, research translation and meaningful clinical and community partnerships.

From the director

Our vision is to improve health and wellbeing through globally-significant research and community engagement.

Professor Paul Scuffham

Director, Menzies Health Institute Queensland

Disability and Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation and supported recovery is an essential part of a person’s journey after an injury, illness or disabling condition. MHIQ researchers are dedicated to developing highly innovative interventions that improve the lives of individuals. Our focus is on rehabilitation for neurological and mental health conditions including spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, neuromusculoskeletal disorders, persistent pain as well as developmental and age-related physical and mental health conditions.

The Economic, Policy and Innovation Centre for Health Systems

At the forefront of an evolving healthcare system, health economists, health services researchers and biostatisticians at MHIQ are conducting multidisciplinary research to deliver leading advice, with significant impact on policy.  Our researchers continue to drive safe, effective and efficient healthcare solutions that are responsive to consumer needs and enhance quality of life.

Healthcare Practice and Survivorship

Our research aims to directly improve the health and wellbeing of the Australian and international community by facilitating world-class discoveries that target the development of healthcare practice and survivorship. MHIQ researchers undertake committed scientific research with an emphasis on improving patient care, experiences and outcomes.

Infectious Diseases and Immunology

Each year, more than one million people around the globe die from infectious diseases. MHIQ researchers are investigating innovative strategies and therapies to help prevent, manage and eradicate some of these major diseases. This research program focuses on immune disorders such as coeliac disease, multiple sclerosis, and chronic fatigue syndrome as well as infectious diseases including viruses and bacteria causing cancer, urinary tract infections, gut and oral health problems.

Our people

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Wendy Moyle

As our life expectancy continues to be extended, the world faces a new and growing challenge—dementia. Professor Wendy Moyle’s research on the use of robots as a therapeutic tool could change the face of dementia care globally, while also allowing people to stay in their own homes longer.

Menzies Foundation

The Menzies Foundation is proud to partner with Griffith University to identify and promote the next generation of Australians leaders, invest in world-class health research and advance initiatives of national importance.

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