We explore the complex relationships between humans, the natural environment and biological diversity

One of the major challenges of the 21st Century is how to respond to the significant challenges posed by these relationships, including food and water security, the global ‘carbon crisis’, and the responsibility of humans in the Anthropocene.

Our researchers work on a broad array of important issues, including animal law, environmental and planning law, bio-discovery laws, intellectual property protection for naturally occurring organisms, and water rights and obligations. We also investigating legal (and extra-legal) mechanisms for effectively regulating water conservation, ecological restoration, climate change and alternative energy, exploitation of mineral resources within and beyond national jurisdiction, the Polar Regions, and the protection of biological diversity and use of genetic resources.

In 2016, the Law and Nature Program commenced a major three-year research project on the environmental future of Northern Australia, supported by a new post-doctoral researcher. The 2017 Annual Law Futures Centre Conference will showcase the research outputs of the project.

Exploring Law and Nature

Law Futures Centre: Christine Parker

Meet Christine Parker and explore the politics behind the food system, and how different people who are contesting the food system are using law and regulation.

The Northern Australia Law Futures Network

Our researchers investigate the legal future of ecological governance in northern Australia.

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