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HIV blog image

HIV Explained

HIV remains to be a major global public health issue. According to the World Health Organization, HIV has claimed the lives of roughly 35 million people so far, and in 2020 it was estimated that 38 million people are currently living with the disease. In this blog article, Professor Johnson Mak delves into the details of this very clever, yet deadly, virus and why prevention is so extremely important.

Author: Professor Johnson Mak

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Coronaviruses - A Family of Viruses

Coronavirus, COVID, COVID-19, ‘Corona’.  These are all terms we wish we’d never have to hear mentioned again. And yet, they don’t seem to be going away anytime soon! So why not learn what we can about the subject, to better arm ourselves with facts and useful information rather than conspiracy theories.

Author: Professor Johnson Mak

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Epidemiology blog image


What is epidemiology? What are the aims of an epidemiologist? What is an outbreak? What is an epidemic? What does endemic mean? What is a pandemic? We answer all these questions and more.

Author: Dr Benjamin Bailly

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NMR blog

Using NMR Spectroscopy to fight diseases

In this blog, Institute research leader Associate Professor Thomas Haselhorst explores the subject of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy; what it is, how it works, and why it’s important in our fight against cancer and infectious diseases.

Authors: Associate Professor Thomas Haselhorst

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With the introduction of the newly developed COVID-19 vaccines around the world, and their impending roll-out in Australia in early 2021, we felt it timely to deep-dive into the very interesting, and much debated, topic of vaccines.

Authors: Dr Danielle Stanisic and Dr Reshma Nevagi

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Human Metapneumovirus (hMPV)

Human Metapneumovirus (prononouced meta-new-mo-virus), or hMPV in short, is the topic of focus in this blog. But what exactly is hMPV, who is more at risk of severe illness, and how is the Institute’s research combatting this particular pathogen?

Author: Annelies Van Den Bergh

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PC Facilities blog

Physical Containment Facilities

What are Physical Containment Facilities and why do we need them? What is the difference between a PC2 and PC3 Facility?  What is PPE?  What are high risk pathogen groups? We answer all these questions and more.

Author: Dr Carie-Anne Logue

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