Dr Robyn Holder is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Griffith Criminology Institute. Her research examines the interface between justice institutions and victims, and the mediating effect of rights. Robyn was awarded the 2018 New Scholar Publication Prize from the Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology, and the 2017 Publication Prize from the Law and Society Association of Australia and New Zealand. She has over 30 publications in her research career and, before joining academia, worked as a senior executive in law reform and public policy.


Work: (07) 3735 3440

Email: r.holder@griffith.edu.au


Doctor of Philosophy,

The Australian National University, 2014

Master of Arts

University of London (UK), 1986

Bachelor of Arts

The Australian National University, 1981

Visiting Scholar, Law School, University of Sydney, December 2018-January, 2019

Executive Committee, Law and Society Association of Australia and New Zealand, 2015-present

Associate Fellow, Higher Education Authority, 2016

Executive Committee, Victim Support Australia Inc., 2009-present

Visiting Scholar, Regulatory Institutions Network, The Australian National University, May-December, 2013

Research Ethics Committee, Australian Institute of Criminology, 2009-2014

ACT Law Reform Council, 2010-2012

ACT Victim Assistance Board, 2000-2011

ACT Domestic Violence Prevention Council, Inaugural Chairperson, 1997-2001


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Scholarly book chapters

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Refereed journal articles

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Other research outputs

Major Industry Reports

  1. Bond, C., Holder, R., Jeffries, S. and Fleming, C. (2017). Evaluation of the Southport Specialist Domestic and Family Violence Court. Griffith Criminology Institute, Brisbane.
  2. Holder, R. and Douglas, H. (2017). Responding to Domestic and Family Violence: Good Practice for Judicial Officers. Training Manual and Resources. Produced for the National Judicial College of Australia. Funded by the Commonwealth Attorney General’s Department.
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Inquiry submissions

  1. Holder, R. (2018).Submission to the Queensland Legislative & Community Safety Committee on the Human Rights Bill 2018.
  2. Holder, R. (2018). Submission to the ACT Department of Justice Review of the Victims of Crime Act 1994.
  3. Holder, R. (2017). Submission to the ACT Standing Committee on Justice & Community Safety, Inquiry into Domestic and Family Violence.
  4. Holder, R. & Whiting, S. (2016). Submission to the Royal Commission on Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse Consultation on Criminal Justice.
  5. Holder, R. (2015). Invited Submission to the Victorian Law Reform Commission on Victims in the Criminal Trial Process.

Invited Speaker

  1. NSW Conference on Regional and Rural Perspectives on Domestic Violence, 2018. Invited Keynote, “Staying engaged and having room to breathe: learning from Women’s Specialist DFV Services”.
  2. National Victims of Crime Conference, Melbourne, 2016. Invited Keynote, “Sequencing Justice: thinking about retributive and restorative justice”.
  3. International Institute for the Sociology of Law, Onãti, Spain, 2016. Invited Presenter, The Evolving Role of the Prosecutor Domestically and Internationally.
  4. National Conference ‘Violence Against Women: ANROWS research to policy and practice’, Melbourne, 2016. Invited plenary speaker (with Judy Putt and Cath O’Leary), “Advocacy for safety and empowerment: responses to and with Aboriginal women facing violence”.
  5. National Conference ‘A Fair and Transparent Justice System’, Melbourne, 2013. Invited plenary speaker, “Democratising Justice: rethinking victim inclusion”.
  6. National Conference JUST PARTNERS: Family Violence, Specialist Courts and the Idea of Integration, Canberra, 2008. Invited Speaker, "Catch 22 - Victim Interests in a Specialist Family Vilence Jurisdiction".
  7. RESOLVE Research Day, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, November 2007. Invited Keynote Speech, "Sisyphus and the System; Criminal Justice Reform in the ACT".
  8. Australian Institute of Judicial Administration Conference, Adelaide, 2006. Invited Speaker, "The Emperor's Clothes: - Court and Justice Initiatives to Address Family Violence".
  9. National PACCOA Conference, Canberra, 2005. Invited Keynote Speaker, "Brave New World: Partnerships between Victim Services and Community Corrections".
  10. International Conference Enough Is Enough, Metropolitan Police Service, London, 2000. Invited Speaker, "A Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Inter-Agency Landscape".
  11. National Conference, Sydney, October 1998. Invited Keynote Speaker, "Victims' Rights in Australia - a Journey to the Promised Land or Up the Garden Path?".

External, Competitive

Australian National Organisation for Research on Women and Safety, ANROWS
2015-2016, ‘Innovative approaches with Indigenous women experiencing family violence in remote and regional Australia’. Value: $245, 294. Co-Chief Investigators: Dr Judy Putt (University of New England) & Dr Robyn Holder.

ARC Discovery Program

Dr Stuart Ross,Associate Professor Jeanette Lawrence (University of Melbourne) and Robyn Holder. ‘Fairness and Equity for Victims of Crime: What do they want and why don’t they get it?’ (DP0665417). Value, $140,000.

Queensland Government

‘Evaluation of the Integrated Service Response Trial’. Value $249,690. Co-Chief Investigators: Assoc. Professor Christine Bond, Professor Janet Ransley, and Dr Robyn Holder.

Queensland Government

‘Evaluation of Sexual Assault Counselling Privilege Legal Assistance Services’. Value $80,000. Co-Chief Investigators: Professor Janet Ransley, Assoc. Professor Christine Bond, Dr Robyn Holder and Dr Patricia Fronek.

Queensland Government

‘Evaluation of the Specialist Domestic and Family Violence Court Trial in Southport (Qld)’. Value: $145,000. Co-Chief Investigators: Dr Christine Bond, Dr Sam Jeffries, Dr Robyn Holder and Dr Chris Fleming.

Commonwealth & Northern Territory Governments Alice Springs Transformation Plan

‘Evaluation of Alice Springs (NT) Integrated Response on Family and Domestic Violence’. Value: $120,000. Co-Chief Investigators: Dr Judy Putt (University of New England), Dr Robyn Holder & Gillian Shaw.

Commissioned research & consultancy contracts

Australian Aid/Australian Federal Police

Developing Stronger Referral Pathways for Women Experiencing Domestic Violence in Tonga, 2018.

National Judicial College of Australia

Training Program and Materials for Judicial Officers Dealing with Cases Involving Domestic and Family Violence. Lead Investigator: Professor Heather Douglas, University of Queensland, and Dr Robyn Holder, 2017.

Norwegian Refugee Council on behalf of UN Women

Holder, R.(2014).We Just Keep Silent: gender-based violence amongst Syrian refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Victim Support Australia

Ross, S. & Holder, R. (2012). ‘Victim experiences with the Australian criminal justice system’ (Stage Two).

European Commission MedUrbs Program

Technical Exchange on Violence against  Women for the Association of London Authorities, 1994.

Internal, Competitive

Arts, Education & Law Group Research Group Competitive Grants

2018, $6,321. ‘A Systematic Quantitative Review of Literature on Victim Participation in Criminal Justice’.

Griffith Criminology Institute Strategic Development Grant Competitive Scheme

2018, $16,825. ‘Children’s Justice Goals: an analysis of police interview transcripts’

Griffith Criminology Institute Strategic Development Grant Competitive Scheme

2016, $3,500. ‘Prosecution Accountability Project’ Interviews with UK Crown Prosecutors.

Griffith Criminology Institute Strategic Development Grant Competitive Scheme

2014, $5,000. ‘Developing participatory methods with Central Australian Aboriginal & Other NGOs’

New Scholar Publications Prize, Australia and New Zealand Society of Criminology, 2018

Annual Publication Prize, Law and Society Association of Australia and New Zealand, 2017

Discretionary Research Scholarship, Centre for Excellence in Policing and Security (CEPS), Griffith University/ANU, 2012

Audrey Fagan Post-Graduate Scholarship, ACT, 2009

Miscellaneous PhD Scholarship,The Australian National University, 2009