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Griffith Criminology Institute (GCI) is one of the largest, most vibrant and high-performing criminology communities in the world. Through collaboration and innovation our research is helping find answers and solutions to universal problems. GCI is a world leader in the criminology field and was ranked well above world standard in the most recent Excellence in Research for Australia rankings, which were released by the Australian Research Council.

Contemporary societies face important safety, justice and equity challenges that criminological knowledge can help solve. Our research focuses on five key challenges.


You can support the Griffith Criminology Institute's research and contribute to our vision of creating safe, well-governed and equitable societies. We are always seeking individuals and organisations to get involved in our research, whether it is through financial support, volunteering for research participation or partnering with specialist expertise.

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Criminologist Professor Ross Homel, AO,  is challenging the whole crime and punishment equation, especially for young children. Getting in early, sometimes before children have even started school, he says, is the key to changing life outcomes, before criminal behaviour and antisocial activities become entrenched.  His research has guided government policies and in turn has the potential to influence the lives of thousands of disadvantaged children.

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Social Analytics Lab

A unique platform where cutting-edge academic research can be stored securely and applied to complex real-world problems.

Centre for Investigative Interviewing

A research centre that supports one of the largest groups of investigative interviewing researchers in the world and provides unique training that can be adapted to any jurisdiction, and across an array of professions.

Griffith Youth Forensic Service

We aim to prevent youth sexual violence and abuse through state-of the-art knowledge and the delivery of best practice interventions.

The Prosecution Project

The Prosecution Project investigates the history of criminal prosecution in Australia through the digitisation of historical criminal justice records, with their meta-data and other content stored in a relational database.

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