Storing, managing and analysing sensitive data for research and teaching

The Social Analytics Lab (SAL) is a custom-built, secure research facility housed at Griffith University to store, manage and analyse sensitive administrative data for research and teaching. Underpinned by industry standard security protocols that enable the storage of individual level data, the SAL offers a unique platform where cutting edge academic research can be applied to the complex real world problems of a rapidly evolving 21st-century society.

Who can use the Social Analytics Lab?

SAL has been purpose built to house large highly sensitive datasets. These datasets are protected by a range of industry standard security protocols and remain the property of the data providers. Consequently, access to these datasets is tightly controlled.  The SAL is open to researchers from any national or international academic institution however all users are required to undergo an induction process to gain entry into the lab.

Researchers using this facility are expected to be highly skilled in data manipulation and analysis.  In addition, they will understand the importance of treating data ethically and with integrity. Finally, in line with the SAL’s vision, all research supported by the lab should provide meaningful insight for those who provide the data.

How can I use the Social Analytics Lab?

If you would like to discuss how your research could benefit from housing data within the SAL, please contact

If you are interested in developing a research project using data currently held in the SAL, you will need to complete an application and provide a brief project description, which will be considered by the SAL management committee.  All access protocols are on a dataset–by-dataset basis, and depend on standing agreements between Griffith and data providers.

Please note, all data held within the SAL occurs physically onsite.

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